Facial ageing affects your appearance in various ways. From skin laxity and loss of muscle tone to the degeneration of the various facial structures, time continues to manifest itself in the shape, grooves and fabrics of your skin. As the ageing process continues, you may feel disappointed or let down by your external appearance, particularly when it misrepresents your spirit and attitude toward life. Even when you feel happy and well-rested, your ageing face may say otherwise, which can dramatically affect your confidence and quality of life.

Sydney Plastic Surgeon Dr Ellis Choy sees concerns like these regularly, with many patients feeling that their appearance inaccurately reflects their personality. A facelift is a surgical rejuvenation procedure designed to address the facial features that diminish, sag or deflate with age, and ultimately restore the balance between your inner and outer beauty.

Drawing on his exceptional artistry and skill, Dr Choy performs facelift surgery by surgically lifting and tightening the underlying facial structure to enhance your facial definition. Based on an individualised treatment plan, Dr Choy can create a more refreshed and well-rested appearance that harmonises naturally with your age and stage of life. Book your in-person consultation with Dr Choy today. He will address any questions and personal concerns you may have as you explore your options for facial rejuvenation.


A youthful face is defined by smooth, taut skin that’s free of wrinkles and has supportive fat in the right places. As we age, our skin loses elasticity, grows thinner and develops wrinkles caused by a combination of collagen depletion and muscle movement. Changes also occur below the skin surface. Our deeper soft tissues slacken and sag. We lose fat volume, which can lead to a sunken or gaunt appearance, and remaining fat pads can droop downward. Even our bone structure changes.

Facelift surgery addresses these changes so you put your best face forward and feel confident at any stage of life. Patients typically start to consider surgery when they no longer get the results they want from nonsurgical treatments, or if they desire longer-lasting improvements than nonsurgical options can provide.


The most suitable candidates for facelift surgery are women and men who feel disappointed or unhappy about the way age has affected their profile. As an invasive procedure, facelift surgery is ideal for those whose issues cannot be addressed with nonsurgical treatments. During a facelift, Dr Choy lifts and tightens sagging skin and repositions the underlying tissues to restore a more youthful expression and a rejuvenated overall appearance.

A facelift may be right for you if:

  • You have loose, drooping skin around your cheeks
  • You’re bothered by heavy jowls
  • You have deep nasolabial folds
  • You have lost shape and definition in your lower face
  • You’ve accumulated fat below the chin (double chin)
  • You desire a more permanent solution than injectables or a thread lift can provide

In addition to the concerns above, you should ideally meet the following criteria:

  • You’re in good physical and emotional health
  • You do not smoke
  • You’re prepared to follow Dr Choy’s pre- and post-operative instructions
  • You have reasonable expectations for the results of your facelift

Contrary to the popular notion of facelift surgery, it is not only for senior patients. Factors like lifestyle, genetics or weight fluctuations can have a significant impact on skin elasticity and facial volume. Some people start to develop prominent wrinkles and lax skin in their 30s, and don’t want to wait until a more advanced age for surgical intervention. Facial rejuvenation surgery can be considered whenever you begin to feel that your appearance no longer reflects how you feel inside.

In your consultation, Dr Choy will examine your concerns and needs to ensure that a facelift is the most suitable option for you. He will also help you select the right types of facelift for you based on your anatomy, aesthetic goals and preferences regarding downtime and recovery.


Your facelift journey will begin with an in-depth consultation, where Dr Choy will take the time to understand your reasons for treatment and your expectations for results. He will carefully analyse your unique facial anatomy, observing how age has affected your face and your primary areas of concern, to determine what he can achieve with facelift surgery. Once he has identified the most realistic outcome and the most suitable surgical techniques, Dr Choy will walk you through the steps of the procedure to ensure you are comfortable and fully aware of what to expect during your journey.

A facelift focuses primarily on the lower third of the face. Though the procedure will vary for each patient, it generally involves lifting and tightening the structural tissue to restore a smoother facial contour. From sagging facial tissue to the deflation of fat, a facelift is designed to address the various components of facial ageing and combine their correction in a holistic and harmonious way. By targeting each facial layer, this surgery can re-sculpt your natural features to create a lasting rejuvenation effect. Taking a customised approach to treatment, Dr Choy will design a surgical plan tailored to your age, facial structure and cosmetic goals to ensure a personalised and satisfying aesthetic outcome.


A facelift is an invasive surgical procedure, so the recovery process is a crucial part of your journey. You should expect facial swelling, minor to moderate bruising and a feeling of tightness for at least the first week after your surgery. After approximately seven to ten days, a follow-up appointment will be scheduled so Dr Choy can remove your sutures and assess how your face is adapting to the new contour. It may take up to two weeks for the swelling to subside, after which you will be able to see the effects of your procedure more clearly. Dr Choy believes that patient education and preparation is vital to the patient journey; he will ensure you are adequately prepared for what to expect and how to care for the area during recovery.


Based on Dr Choy’s custom-tailoring approach, he can combine multiple surgical techniques to treat various signs of facial ageing. However, specific skin concerns may be better addressed with other procedures, which can be combined with a facelift to produce a more holistic and proportional result.

Neck Lift

The neck is highly vulnerable to the effects of age, gravity and sun exposure. Loosening skin around the jawline, wrinkles on the neck or the hanging skin known as a “turkey wattle” can sometimes betray a person’s age even more than their face. At Dr Choy’s clinic in Sydney, many patients undergo facelift and neck lift surgery as a combination treatment. Since the face and neck complement each other in natural unity, addressing these areas simultaneously helps to create a balanced and natural-looking transformation. Dr Choy believes that treating the entire area as a whole, rather than a collection of parts, produces the most convincing and harmonious aesthetic results.

Facial Fat Grafting

Facelift techniques excel at tightening loose tissues, but they cannot address another hallmark sign of facial ageing: volume loss. The process of losing facial fat is gradual. Hollows begin to form in areas like the tear troughs and temples. Round cheeks sink downward. Facial skin sags and wrinkles. Patients with moderate to severe facial deflation may choose to combine facelift surgery with facial fat grafting. While the facelift helps to soften facial lines, fat grafting can restore fullness and optimise skin quality for a more dramatic improvement. By strategically inserting your own tissue into depleted facial areas, a fat transfer can fill in fine lines, improve facial definition and restore natural vitality to your face.

Eyelid Surgery

Because facelift surgery focuses on the lower region of the face, many patients choose to combine it with a rejuvenation procedure for the upper face. Eyelid surgery, or blepharoplasty, corrects contour irregularities and signs of aging around the eyes. The procedure can target the upper eyelids, lower eyelids or both areas simultaneously. Cosmetically, eyelid surgery provides improvements in loose and drooping skin, fine lines, puffiness and bags, leaving you with a more refreshed and rested appearance. Functionally, eyelid surgery can remove heavy excess skin on your upper lids that may cause irritation or chronic forehead pain, or interfere with your vision.

Brow Lift

The long-term effects of gravity can leave you with drooping eyebrows that create heaviness around your eyes and make you appear tired or sad. In addition, wrinkles or deep furrows may develop horizontally along your forehead or vertically between your eyebrows. One of the most impactful ways to rejuvenate an ageing forehead is a brow lift. This procedure elevates the brows to a more youthful position and softens forehead creases for a gentler, more approachable look. It may also help to decrease excess upper eyelid skin. A brow lift pairs well with facelift or eyelid surgery, and some patients elect to have all three for total facial rejuvenation.


Nonsurgical procedures are frequently done in conjunction with surgical procedures to improve the overall result or give patients a more efficient treatment plan. In your consultation, Dr Choy will work with you to determine which nonsurgical treatments may complement your facelift surgery best.

Anti-Wrinkle Injections

Anti-wrinkle injections treat wrinkles caused by muscle contraction. They work by blocking the impulses that travel from the nerves to the facial muscles, so the muscles never receive signals to contract. When the muscles relax, the skin over them smoothes out and the unwanted lines fade. Anti-wrinkle injections are typically used in the upper face on concerns such as crow’s feet, horizontal forehead lines, “bunny lines” around the top of the nose and vertical “eleven lines” between the eyebrows. The full effects of anti-wrinkle injections typically develop within seven to 14 days after the procedure and last three to four months.

Dermal Fillers

Like fat grafting, dermal fillers enhance the skin-tightening effect of a facelift by correcting facial volume loss. They can also help soften wrinkles and scars, plump lips and contour areas like the cheeks, nose, chin and jaw. Fillers can re-inflate and sculpt areas of the face that a facelift does not address, providing an even more youthful and well-rested look. Most fillers are made from a naturally-occurring substance that safely breaks down in the body over time. Results can last anywhere from six to 24 months, depending on which product is used.


facelift surgery patient

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We feel our best when we look our best. A facelift with Dr Choy counters the effects of time and restores the vibrant appearance you remember from years past. You will look naturally youthful and refreshed, with minimal scarring and no “windswept” look to indicate that you’ve had something done. Dr Choy’s patients report that facelift surgery has a rejuvenating effect on more than their physical appearance — they feel more vibrant, more energetic, more confident in social settings, more driven at work and more excited about what the future holds.

Facelift surgery offers the longest-lasting benefits of any facial rejuvenation technique. Your improvements can last a decade or more, especially if you take good care of your skin with a healthy diet, no smoking and diligent sun protection. A good maintenance routine can help ensure you enjoy your results for as long as possible.


Beyond his surgical experience, Dr Choy draws on elements of artistry, elegance and grace to perform facelift surgery. He believes that beauty is not about looking younger, but about looking and feeling your best at whatever stage of life you’re in – the key to ageing gracefully. At the core of Dr Choy’s work is his aim to bring out the best of your unique beauty by revitalising and accentuating your natural features. With careful consideration of your age and motivations for treatment, he can refine your profile in harmony with your current stage of life to help you look and feel your best. This philosophy is how Dr Choy empowers his patients to embrace a free, more relaxed lifestyle and a more comfortable and confident state of mind.

Facelift Patient Journey

“For 20 years, I have been struggling to improve the appearance of my neck. I have tried numerous creams and lotions to improve the elasticity of my skin and nothing seemed to help. Constantly hiding my neck with scarfs and high neck jumpers I became very self-conscious and decided to research other alternatives. I quickly found there were a number of treatments available and made an appointment for a consultation to find a suitable outcome.

I was devastated to learn that as a result of being on blood thinners for most of my life that surgery was not a favourable option. I was referred to Dr Ellis Choy for his professional opinion. We spoke about my blood disorder, the effects surgery would have and possible blood clots were a major concern. After receiving a medical clearance, we proceeded to make plans for a combined face & neck lift with upper eyelid surgery to give me the best outcome.

After caring for my family and disabled brother for years I felt uncomfortable spending money on myself and was hesitant to proceed but my family were very supportive and encouraged me to spoil myself.

Dr Choy met with me before surgery to go over the procedures and what to expect when I woke. He was extremely clear and made sure I was relaxed and understood everything. The operation went well, the recovery time was faster than I expected. The stitches were removed 10 days later and I returned to work after 3 weeks.

This was a huge decision for me but I am so glad I went through with it. The results Dr Choy achieved are natural and I feel refreshed and invigorated. It has been a truly transformational experience in my facial rejuvenation journey with Dr Choy.”

*This information about facelift surgery was reviewed by Dr. Ellis Choy. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us here.

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