Asian Breast Augmentation


Many Asian patients come to Dr Ellis Choy and his team for breast augmentation surgery, as Dr Choy is one of Sydney’s leading plastic surgeons, and has extensive experience performing breast augmentation surgery on Asian women, with exceptional results.
There are many reasons which drive patients to choose a breast augmentation procedure. Some patients desire breasts which are more in proportion with their frame, while other patients are in search of the self-confidence and improved self-image which follows such surgical procedures.
It doesn’t matter what your personal motivation is for selecting this type of plastic surgery, Dr Choy will work with you to achieve the results you want. It would be best to book a consultation to discuss your requirements for Asian breast augmentation surgery.

What is Asian Breast Augmentation Surgery?

When breast augmentation surgery is carried out on an Asian patient, the process and outcomes are very similar to those of a standard augmentation procedure. However, there are some key differences, and these differences are born from the increase in considerations that breast augmentation carries for Asian patients.

The first difference is that standard breast implants may not be suitable for patients from South East Asian and East Asian communities. In many cases, Asian patients have smaller frames, and therefore require smaller implants to maintain a natural proportion.

The second implication relates to surgical scars. The skin around the breast area of an Asian woman is more susceptible to keloid scarring than the skin of other ethnicities. This may dissuade some Asian patients from undergoing the surgery. However, Dr Choy and his team utilise different methods to minimise visible scarring and achieve an almost flawless aesthetic appearance, following implant surgery.

Dr Choy and the team can discuss this with you at your consultation. More information will help you to understand the procedure better and the results you can expect.

Asian Breast Augmentation Consultation

The consultation which takes place before breast augmentation surgery is a vital part of the process. This is where Dr Choy will speak with you and understand your desired outcomes, as well your motivations and any previous medical history the team should be aware of.

You will also have the opportunity to put any questions you may have to Dr Choy and his team. This is a session for advice and for discussion ahead of the procedure and is designed to put your mind at ease.

The consultation will cover the following topics:

  • Desired outcomes
  • The location of the intended incisions and the type of procedure to be used
  • The type of breast implants which will be used
  • Any preparations you should make in the days and hours before your surgery
  • Any existing health conditions you may have, which may affect the outcome of the surgery
  • Whether or not any other surgical procedures may be required to achieve the outcomes you desire. For example, a breast lift or mastopexy procedure
  • Expected recovery and aftercare time following the procedure

Remember that this part of the process is delivered without obligation to go through with surgery, and in accordance with our strict confidentiality and privacy policy. Dr Choy and his team will support your final decision.

Asian Breast Augmentation Surgery Procedure

Dr Ellis Choy and his team have extensive experience in performing breast augmentation procedures on Asian patients and are committed to achieving the right outcomes for clients. This means working with you to decide on the best method for your procedure.

Asian Breast Augmentation Aftercare and Recovery

Following the Asian breast augmentation procedure, Dr Choy and his team will give you a thorough outpatient briefing. This briefing will provide you with information on what you can expect in the coming days and weeks, including any recommended aftercare measures.

In terms of the recovery process; at first you may notice an unnatural firmness to your breasts. This will subside over time as the recovery begins and the swelling reduces. Patients are advised to avoid placing stress or strain on the chest area in the days following your procedure. This means wearing a surgical support bra and avoiding strenuous exercise and other such activities until Dr Choy has properly assessed the results.

Remember to get in touch with the team if you experience any severe pain or discomfort, or if you have any follow up questions for the team.

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