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Breast Fat Grafting With Sydney Plastic Surgeon Dr Choy

Many women who want to enhance the look of their breasts may still feel hesitant about undergoing a breast augmentation operation, for fear that implants are an unnatural introduction into the body. Given the concerns surrounding breast implant illness, Dr Ellis Choy understands this reluctance, which is why he is pleased to offer his patients the option of a natural breast augmentation instead, which can be achieved by transferring unwanted fat from another part of your own body to the breasts. An Australia-trained Specialist Plastic Surgeon, Dr Ellis Choy is one of the few Sydney-based surgeons qualified to perform this ground-breaking fat transfer procedure in a safe and effective manner. The breast fat grafting operation is implant-free, very safe and extremely rewarding for women who want to enhance their appearance while still looking and feeling utterly natural.

The procedure, although somewhat complex to perform, is often less invasive or stressful on the patient’s body than traditional breast implant augmentation, even with liposuction. This means recovery is relatively fast in keeping with natural healing of the body, while discomfort is also dramatically reduced, especially compared to that experienced with under-muscle implants in particular. Breast fat grafting also avoids the potential for implant rupturing or the need for replacement implants, as the results from a fat grafting procedure are essentially permanent once the transferred fat cells have developed a steady blood supply within the breasts. As you gain or lose weight in the months or years after a breast fat grafting procedure, your breasts will naturally grow or shrink as well.

One big advantage of a breast fat grafting procedure is the fact that your breasts will feel soft and natural, no different to how they felt before. Because the fat is delivered using a very thin cannula, there is also no scarring involved in fat grafting. The finished product is all you, without any artificial enhancements.

Breast fat grafting technology

There are several advantages to this technique. Firstly, it is minimally invasive. Secondly, there is the added benefit of using liposuction to harvest unwanted fat from thighs, buttocks or stomach. The overall effect is the creation of your desired breast shape alongside some additional body shaping.

Dr Choy is committed to using the latest advances in breast fat grafting technology, to promote the highest rate of healthy fat survival. He will be happy to explain in more detail during your in-person consultation with him at our Sydney or Coffs Harbour clinics.

The fat transfer process

Fat is harvested by liposuction before being strategically and accurately injected into the breasts. As the procedure uses your own body fat, new blood vessels naturally form within the injected and integrated fat. Not all the fat cells will survive the fat transfer process, which is why Dr Choy will inject more fat into your breasts during the procedure so you can achieve the enhancement you want.

Benefits of Breast Fat Grafting

Apart from the natural results expected, there are several additional benefits compared to breast implant augmentation.

  • No incisions or scarring
  • No foreign materials introduced into the body
  • Fast recovery time
  • No implant complications
  • Liposuction body shaping

It is important to note that the amount of volume that can be added through a breast fat transfer is limited in contrast to the results that can be achieved with breast implants. Likewise, there are fewer options for the breast shape that can be achieved with a breast fat transfer. If you are after more upper pole fullness, or wish to go up more than one and a half cup sizes, an implant breast augmentation may be more suitable for you. For certain patients, a combination of an implant breast augmentation and breast fat grafting may produce the best results. During your in-person consultation, Dr Choy will walk you through all of your options based on your desired results, so you are able to make the best possible choice for yourself.

Your consultation and suitability for breast grafting

Your initial consultation with Dr Choy will establish breast fat grafting goals and expectations. He will provide you with all information required to make informed choices, and he is vastly experienced in all areas of plastic and cosmetic surgery. Dr Choy uses only the safest and most effective materials and equipment, courtesy of his state of the art clinic facilities. Most women are suited to undergo breast fat grafting, although there are some situations where the procedure isn’t appropriate.

  1. Women undergoing cancer treatments such as chemotherapy and angiogenesis inhibitors that restrict blood flow and blood cell growth
  2. Users of aspirin, supplements and vitamins that impede the ability for blood to clot
  3. Smoking, as it limits the ability to regenerate tissue

Breast fat grafting is a revolution in the cosmetic surgery field, and fills a much needed niche for patients desiring beautiful and natural enhancements to their appearance.

A woman experiencing multiple concerns with her teardrop implants looked to a breast fat transfer for solutions and hope. The patient had dual-plane teardrop implants which had begun to show “slight rippling.” She also had other problems, including pectus excavatum, a sunken area along her central ribcage.

“The main issues I wanted to address were rippling,” she says. She also wanted “a smoother transition from my chest to where the implant started, for a more natural look.” She hoped that a breast fat transfer would “disguise the appearance of my pectus excavatum, by filling out my cleavage with more fat.”

However, right away, she knew what she was up against. “I’m naturally very thin, so finding enough fat was going to prove to be a challenge.” Hopefully, the right doctor would be able to achieve her breast goals with a fat transfer, improve her body contours and perform both aspects of her procedure safely.

A breast fat transfer can produce excellent results in two body areas but also requires a surgeon with exceptional knowledge of both procedures, as well as superior skill and judgment. Fat can naturally and safely enhance the breasts while also slimming the donor area, improving contours in both places in a single, convenient surgery.

Because the treatment consists of two procedures, you will want to choose a surgeon who has significant experience with both liposuction and fat injection. You also want a surgeon with a keen eye, who can deliver an attractive look in both regions that will enhance your entire physique.

Specialist plastic surgeon, Dr Ellis Choy, has these qualifications and has helped countless women achieve optimal results, safely. The surgeon has a wealth of experience in breast procedures and ample direct experience with revision and reconstruction surgeries, frequently performing procedures of exceptional complexity.

He also understands very well the complexities and nuances of liposuction. In addition, his finely-attuned aesthetic eye will ensure your results will look attractive and very natural. In Dr Choy’s hands, patients can expect a final look which truly reflects their genuine personality and never looks overdone.


As one of Sydney’s best regarded breast specialists, Dr Ellis Choy is here to answer all your questions about breast enhancement. To learn more about your suitability for a breast fat transfer, schedule your in-person consultation today by filling out our online contact form.

*The information about breast fat grafting was reviewed by Dr. Ellis Choy. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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