What Is the Cost of a Breast Lift in Sydney? (2023)

Breast tissue, like most parts of the body, can change significantly over time. Some of these changes are part of the natural ageing process, while others are accelerated by factors such as pregnancy, breastfeeding or weight changes. If you are looking for a procedure that can reverse these changes, a breast lift may be a ...
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What Are My Options for Body Contouring?

Are you frustrated with stubborn fat deposits that just won’t go away, no matter how healthy your lifestyle? Are you bothered by loose skin left behind after pregnancy or weight loss? You are not alone. Many people find that despite their commitment to diet and fitness, they are unable to achieve and maintain their desired ...
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Non-Surgical Neck Lift vs. Neck Liposuction: Which One Is Right for You?

Neck rejuvenation is a topic of increasing interest in the aesthetics world. While we have long had a plethora of options for facial plastic surgery and non-surgical skin treatments like injectables and lasers, we are now seeing a surge in options for the neck, chin and jawline.
Dr Choy offers a range of both surgical ...
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Does Insurance Cover Post-Pregnancy Body Contouring Surgery?

For many women, pregnancy changes the body in ways that diet and exercise alone cannot fully reverse. If you are looking for other ways to address these changes, you may be considering post-pregnancy body contouring surgery. But will your insurance cover the costs?
It is only natural to want to look into all of your ...
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MyEllevate vs. Surgical Neck Lift: A Guide to Your Neck Rejuvenation Options

The appearance of our neck undergoes countless changes as we age. For those who find themselves curious about ways to rejuvenate the neck and jawline area, Dr Ellis Choy offers both surgical and nonsurgical options.
Neck lift surgery is a traditional approach that has been a go-to solution for many years. Surgery can provide significant ...
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What Is the Cost of Breast Reduction in Australia? (2023)

At the plastic surgery practice of Dr Ellis Choy, we understand that cost is a crucial factor when making decisions about surgery. That is why we believe in providing comprehensive and transparent information about the costs of breast reduction in Australia.
Below, we answer some of the questions we commonly receive about the cost of ...
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MyEllevate FAQs: Everything You Need to Know About the Minimally-Invasive Neck Lift

As we age, the skin, fat, muscle and glands under our chin and jaw begin to sag. This process leads to the loss of jawline and neck definition that historically has been treated with neck lift surgery.
As a specialist plastic surgeon with extensive experience in the field, Dr Choy understands that the decision to ...
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What Is the Cost of Eyelid Surgery in Sydney? (2023)

Eyelid surgery, or blepharoplasty, is a popular plastic surgery procedure that can alter the appearance of the eyes and address concerns such as sagging skin, excess fat and puffiness around the eyelids. While most eyelid surgeries are cosmetic, blepharoplasty can also improve functional concerns, such as skin irritation or the loss of peripheral vision due ...
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What to Expect Before and After Your Rhinoplasty

Are you considering a rhinoplasty procedure to reshape your nose? If so, it’s important to learn what to expect both before and after the surgery. 
In this blog post, we will guide you through a few key steps in preparing for your rhinoplasty and the recovery process that follows. Educating yourself about the procedure will ...
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Am I a Candidate for Tummy Tuck Surgery?

If you have concerns related to the appearance of your abdomen, you may be wondering whether an abdominoplasty or “tummy tuck” procedure could be right for you.
This page contains general information on the factors that make a good tummy tuck candidate. This information can help you decide whether a tummy tuck is worth pursuing ...
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