Breast Asymmetry Correction in Sydney

Breast Asymmetry Correction surgery with sydney plastic surgeon dr ellis choy

My breasts look uneven, and it bothers me. I can’t help it, and I can’t hide it, either. It’s a part of my appearance that I should feel proud of, but instead, I constantly feel self-conscious about it, and it brings down my mood. I’m hesitant about having surgery, but I’ve heard that it’s the best option there is to correct the situation. Anyway, I’m ready to do something about this. I don’t want to worry about how my breasts look any longer. I want to feel great every day, just like I ought to!

Most women notice a degree of variation in the size and shape of their breasts, and in most cases, this is completely normal and natural. This condition is called breast asymmetry. Genetic and developmental factors can play a role, sometimes resulting in breasts that are not disproportionately out of balance. This noticeable difference in a woman’s breasts can cause embarrassment, affect what activities she’s comfortable with and decrease her self-esteem on a daily basis.

Fortunately, there are many leading and effective surgical techniques available for correcting breast asymmetry for women who suffer from this problem. To correct it, a woman can have surgeries which combine available procedures such as a breast augmentation, breast lift and breast reduction. Ultimately, the choice to change the look of your breasts for the better is yours to make and an extremely personal one, also.

You can use the surgical options open to you and the expertise and experience of one of the most respected breasts surgeon’s in Sydney to your advantage, however. Dr Choy makes your concerns the focus of his extensive consultation and his recommendation for treatment, and his warm, personal and caring demeanor will make every part of the process as comfortable and inclusive as possible.

What causes breast asymmetry?

My breasts are uneven and it bothers me — but should I be concerned about a deeper medical problem? Is this an early sign of cancer? How do I know for sure?

Breast asymmetry has many natural causes and is seldom an indication of cancer, although in some rare cases, it can be an early warning sign of the disease. The only way to know for sure is to have a breast exam by your doctor or a Specialist Plastic Surgeon, like Dr Choy. In most cases, however, you can rest easy; the causes of your breast asymmetry are likely both natural and correctable. Common causes of breast asymmetry include:

  • Hormonal changes: normal changes in a woman’s hormone levels will naturally affect the size of her breasts, and these changes may have a different impact on each breast and can also be permanent in nature.
  • Atypical ductal hyperplasia: women experience this condition when milk-duct tissues grow rapidly in one or both breasts, and the comparative rate of growth in each breast could also lead to asymmetry.
  • Juvenile hypertrophy: women with this condition experience rapid breast growth in one breast but not the other during puberty as a result of completely natural causes. Later breast growth and changes to the breast never correct the original asymmetry once it occurs, however.
  • Hypoplasia: this condition refers to breasts which never develop fully during puberty, resulting in small breasts which may be widely spaced or very uneven in appearance. The areolae may also be overly large and of differing sizes, as well.
  • Breastfeeding: Often a newborn may prefer one breast over another during breastfeeding, causing the favored side to produce more milk, thus increasing its size. The condition will often return to normal, but sometimes, stretched skin can persist, leaving lasting asymmetry.
  • Trauma: accidents or severe trauma to a woman’s chest can permanently alter the size of one or both breasts unless corrective surgery is sought.

Regardless of the cause of your breast asymmetry, a surgical procedure can provide you with substantial improvements, producing a more even breast appearance and increasing your daily personal satisfaction.

When does breast asymmetry become a problem?

I know my breasts are uneven, and I know it bothers me. But when do I decide I need surgery to deal with it, instead of just handling it on my own or living with it?

When does breast asymmetry become a problem?

Asymmetric breasts usually display one or more symptom. These can include:

  • Uneven breast size
  • Uneven breast shape
  • Different nipple size or shape
  • Uneven nipple position

Moderate variations of the above are expected in every woman, but in extreme cases where her quality of life is impeded, breast asymmetry correction is a highly desirable procedure. If a woman feels the need to modify the way she dresses or wears a bra, it could lead to psychological issues or a loss of self-esteem and confidence. A woman does not have to live with these concerns, however. A breast asymmetry procedure can correct even extreme variations in breast size with very satisfying results.

Breast Asymmetry Surgery options

My breasts may not be perfect, but they are a part of me and represent who I am. I don’t want a cookie-cutter surgery. I only want surgery if I know it can fix the problems I have and make me look better, not different. Can breast asymmetry surgery do that?

Breast asymmetry surgeries are highly customisable and can be easily tailored to your specific needs. Dr Choy’s genuine interest in his patients’ needs will not only be readily apparent to you once you begin your consultation but also quickly impart the confidence that you have found the right surgeon for your aesthetic needs. You will leave the consultation already on your way to a personalised treatment based on your anatomy, medical history and ideal outcome.

Possible procedures include:

  • Breast augmentation: a breast augmentation procedure will enlarge the breasts, through the use of implants, to a satisfying and attractive fullness based on your overall physique and goals. Different sized implants can be used in each breast.
  • Breast reduction: a breast reduction will reduce the size of one or both breasts by removing excess skin and fat to produce a pleasing breast appearance that may also reduce pain and discomfort in women who have very large breasts.
  • Breast lift: a breast lift will improve the position of the breasts on the chest wall and may be performed in conjunction with a breast augmentation or breast reduction or on its own.
  • Fat transfer augmentation: a fat transfer augmentation can improve the size of the breasts, without implants, by using fat from your own body to restore breast fullness.
  • Nipple repositioning: nipple repositioning restores the nipples to their original position on the breast, correcting mal-positioning due to stretched skin, drooping breasts and other factors.

The underlying principle of breast asymmetry surgery is to create breasts that are similar in size and shape and which will look most attractive on a woman’s frame. In most cases, patients prefer the smaller breast to be made larger, although it is sometimes preferable to decrease the size of one breast. Additional improvements such as nipple positioning can also be weighed when determining which look will best suit each patient, emphasizing each woman’s desired look. Overall shape and symmetry is the goal when correcting uneven breasts, and this ideal shouldn’t be sacrificed solely for the sake of breast size; all factors affecting breast appearance should be considered.

Are there any risks involved in breast asymmetry surgery?

Are the risks really worth the rewards? I already have problems with my breasts. I don’t want to have new problems because of deciding to have surgery.

All surgeries have risks. In most cases, however, they are very small thanks in large part to the training, skill and care of your Specialist Plastic Surgeon. These risks, when they do occur, may include blood clots, infection, deep vein thrombosis and possible allergic reactions to your anesthesia.

Breast surgeries share the same risks as general surgery but may also include capsular contracture, or internal scarring, as a result of placing the implant and also the possibility that the implant may later rupture. Like the risks from general surgeries, the risks from breast surgeries are extremely low when performed by a qualified and experienced plastic surgeon.

Breast surgeries, including surgeries for breast asymmetry, remain extremely popular and common worldwide, and patients not only have overwhelmingly problem-free surgeries but also enjoy the highly satisfying and long-lasting results that these procedures produce.

What is recovery from breast asymmetry like?

It sounds like breast asymmetry surgery includes many different procedures and techniques. Does this mean my recovery will be longer and more painful? I don’t want that.

If you receive implants as part of your breast asymmetry surgery, your recovery time will be around six weeks in total. Your surgeon will inform you of a suitable aftercare process that includes scheduled check-ups, wound healing methods and advice regarding your return to everyday activities. The end result, however, will be well worth your investment, as you will soon be able to enjoy two attractive breasts of similar volume and shape which will give you satisfaction and confidence every day.

Occasionally, a second procedure is recommended to make small adjustments such as raising a nipple or to transfer a little more fat into a particular area but only in unique circumstances. Dr Choy uses the best enhancement and reconstructive techniques available to deliver beautiful results for his patients in a single surgery.

Dr Choy Consistently and Brilliantly Brings to Life the Look Women Want

I’m finally ready to improve my breast asymmetry. Who should I visit in the Sydney area who has the expertise and is prepared to perform my surgery?

Dr Ellis Choy brings his superb credentials, exceptional talent and wealth of taste to the benefit of every patient who visits him seeking surgical advice in Sydney. These characteristics distinguish him from his colleagues, and his patients return to his practice for his careful, considerate and empathetic approach to their needs and goals, all of which foster outstanding outcomes. Also, Dr Choy has displayed his talents in many specialities including breast augmentation, breast revision surgeries, reconstructive surgery of the face, breast and body, skin oncology and general surgery, always offering his patients distinguished yet natural results.

Women in Sydney and the wider interstate region with concerns about their breast appearance should schedule an appointment with Dr Choy today. They can reach the surgeon on 02 8962 9388 or book their consultation online. Appointments book quickly, however, and women should not delay the life-improving benefits a breast surgery performed by Dr Choy offers.

*The information about breast asymmetry correction was reviewed by Dr. Ellis Choy. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us here.

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