Neck Lift in Sydney

Neck Lift in Sydney

Neck Lift Surgery With Sydney Plastic Surgeon Dr Ellis Choy

As a thin and delicate area of skin, the neck is highly vulnerable to the effects of age, sun exposure and gravity. In fact, it is one of the first areas of the body to manifest signs of ageing. From loose, excess skin to loss of shape around the chin and jawline, the neck will often betray your age more prominently than any other feature. As the foundation of your face, the neck is integral to your overall appearance. Maintaining a radiant, rejuvenated look means you cannot neglect your neck, especially if you’re also taking good care of your face and body.

A neck lift is a highly advanced surgical procedure designed to address signs of ageing and restore a smoother, more refreshed neck contour. For patients who feel that their neck prematurely ages their profile, neck lift surgery can revitalise the area to blend naturally and more gracefully with your face. Dr Ellis Choy works with men and women of all ages who feel that their neck reflects an older, more worn-out version of themselves. Drawing on advanced technical skills and unparalleled artistry, he performs the neck lift procedure to soften the effects of age and restore aesthetic balance to your overall appearance.

What’s Involved in a Neck Lift?

Your neck lift experience will begin with an in-depth consultation at Dr Choy’s state-of-the-art facility in Sydney, NSW. In this warm and welcoming space, he will invite you to discuss your reasons for treatment and your expectations of what you hope to achieve with surgery. With your goals in mind, he will carefully assess the quality of your skin and current condition to determine the most suitable approach to surgery. He will analyse your skin habits and how age has affected your neck to design an individualised treatment plan tailored specifically to your concerns, needs and aesthetic desires. Based on his assessment, Dr Choy will inform you of the most realistic outcome and will adequately prepare you for the process ahead.

The neck lift procedure will vary for each patient, depending on the severity of their condition and unique needs. This surgery usually involves manipulating the underlying layers of tissue to tighten the muscle, trim excess skin, and reshape the neck structure. Through incisions that will be carefully placed to make them as inconspicuous as possible, Dr Choy can remove and reposition tissue to elongate the submental plane and produce a sharper, more youthful jawline. For many patients, this procedure also involves tightening the platysma muscles to correct the ‘turkey neck’ that typically develops with age. By removing loose skin around the neck and redefining the jawline, Dr Choy can create a smoother and firmer neck contour that complements your holistic profile. For patients with significant amounts of submental fat or jowl formation, fat removal via liposuction may also be involved to shape more youthful contours.

Combining Neck Lift and Facelift Surgery

The face and neck complement each other in natural harmony. For this reason, Dr Choy often recommends performing facelift and neck lift surgeries together. Based on his holistic approach to cosmetic surgery, Dr Choy believes that achieving the most naturally convincing result relies on treating the entire area as a whole, rather than a collection of parts. While a neck lift aims to re-sculpt the area below the chin, a facelift focuses on lifting and tightening the lower third of the face. When performed together, these procedures can provide a smooth and harmonious transformation of your entire facial aesthetic. Dr Choy has performed this combination surgery for countless men and women to help them restore an aesthetically balanced and graceful contour of the neck and face.

In cases where the neck has aged faster and significantly more than the face, an isolated neck lift can be performed. A stand-alone neck lift is ideal for those who are satisfied with their facial profile and merely wish to rejuvenate their neck. However, since the neck and face support each other, most patients benefit from combining the two procedures and addressing the face holistically in one surgery. In your consultation, Dr Choy will examine your condition and determine whether a combination treatment is a suitable option for you.

What Should I Expect During Recovery?

The downtime and recovery period will depend on whether you have undergone a stand-alone or combination treatment. The aftercare process for an isolated neck lift is similar to facelift surgery, with swelling, bruising and tightness at the core of your discomfort. However, since the neck is easier to hide than the face, recovery is slightly less involved. The neck takes approximately one to two weeks to heal and six to eight weeks for results to fully mature.

For a combination face and neck lift, the recovery process will be slightly longer and more involved. However, once the sites have healed, the result will be a complete rejuvenation of the face and neck that blends naturally and smoothly across your entire profile. No matter your choice of procedure, Dr Choy takes every measure to ensure you are adequately prepared and informed of what to expect throughout recovery. He will walk you through how to manage any pain and care for the surgical sites to ensure minimal complications and optimal results.

Neck Lift Surgery Patient Story

“I’m 63 years old and have felt self-conscious about my neck for the past ten years,” recounts a recent neck lift patient. “My neck aged quicker than any other part of my body. It got to the point where I was wearing scarves every day to hide my turkey neck – I struggled in summer! By the time I was ready to do something about it, my face also needed some work. I was tired of feeling self-conscious about my appearance. I just wanted to feel refreshed.” The woman, whose situation is far from unique, decided to undergo a combination surgery to address all her concern areas at once. She began her search for a surgeon who could revitalise her face and neck and restore confidence in her appearance.

When performed by a qualified, highly experienced surgeon, neck lift surgery can dramatically improve the definition of your neck and jawline. For patients who combine this with facelift surgery, the results are often transformative.

Dr Ellis Choy is one of Sydney’s leading plastic and cosmetic surgeons. He builds strong relationships with his patients and boasts an exceptional aesthetic vision for creating beautiful, personally satisfying results. He is dedicated to the patient experience and performs every procedure with the utmost care, service and proficiency. Drawing on advanced surgical skill and unparalleled artistry, Dr Choy performs neck lift surgery to restore the balance between the face and neck, allowing patients to look and feel their best at every stage of life. If you would like to learn more or find out if you are a candidate for neck lift surgery, call Ellis Choy Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery in Northbridge, NSW on 02 8962 9388 to schedule your consultation today.