Neck Lift in Sydney

Neck Lift Surgery With Sydney Plastic Surgeon Dr Ellis Choy

As a thin and delicate area of skin, the neck is highly vulnerable to the effects of age, sun exposure and gravity. In fact, it is often one of the first areas of the body to manifest signs of ageing, including loose skin and loss of shape around the chin and jawline.

A neck lift is a surgical procedure designed to address these signs of ageing. Dr Ellis Choy works with men and women of various ages who are interested in neck rejuvenation. Request a consultation with Dr Choy today.


Over the years, gravity steadily pulls the neck and all of its structures downwards, causing skin and muscles to loosen. Sun exposure also has an effect, bringing about lines, drooping and the ‘crepey’ texture. With our modern habit of looking down at our phones and computers constantly, we are now seeing neck changes even earlier.

Neck lift surgery rejuvenates the neck region by tightening the skin, lifting the muscles and creating smoother or more defined contours. 


There are many benefits associated with a neck lift, not all of which focus on reversing signs of age. People who diligently diet and exercise and lose a significant amount of weight can be left with pockets of fat and excess skin around their neck and jaw that refuse to budge.

The goals of neck lift surgery typically include one or more of the following:

  • Tighten loose neck skin
  • Eliminate excess skin tissue
  • Reduce fat deposits
  • Restore the underlying muscle structure
  • Smooth vertical neck bands
  • Minimise deep creases
  • Define the chin and jawline
  • Correct a loose ‘turkey neck’

Neck lift surgery encompasses various surgical techniques. Dr Choy will carefully assess your anatomy and goals to determine a suitable approach to address your specific needs.


Many patients who consult Dr Choy about undergoing a neck lift are in their 40s-60s and unhappy with the appearance of a loose, creased neck. Younger patients may also benefit from a neck lift if they are genetically predisposed to early ageing or have lost a great deal of weight.

Generally speaking, a surgical candidate should:

  • Be in good physical condition
  • Be in good emotional and mental health
  • Have no medical conditions or allergies that may cause complications
  • Be a nonsmoker or willing to stop smoking before and after surgery


Your neck lift experience will begin with an in-depth consultation at Dr Choy’s state-of-the-art facility in Sydney, NSW. In this warm and welcoming space, he will invite you to discuss your reasons for treatment and your expectations of what you hope to achieve with surgery. With your goals in mind, he will carefully assess the quality of your skin and current condition to determine a suitable approach to surgery. He will analyse your skin habits and how age has affected your neck to design an individualised treatment plan tailored to your concerns, needs and aesthetic preferences. Based on his assessment, Dr Choy will inform you of the most realistic outcome and prepare you for the process ahead.

The neck lift procedure will vary for each patient, depending on the severity of their condition and unique needs. This surgery usually involves manipulating the underlying layers of tissue to tighten the muscle, trim excess skin and reshape the neck structure. Through incisions, Dr Choy can remove and reposition tissue to elongate the submental plane and produce a sharper jawline.

For many patients, this procedure also involves tightening the platysma muscles to correct the ‘turkey neck’ that typically develops with age. By removing loose skin around the neck and redefining the jawline, Dr Choy can create a smoother and firmer neck contour. 


The downtime and recovery period will depend on whether you have undergone a stand-alone or combination treatment. The aftercare process for an isolated neck lift is similar to facelift surgery, with swelling, bruising and tightness at the core of your discomfort. However, since the neck is easier to hide than the face, recovery may be slightly less involved. The neck takes approximately one to two weeks to heal and six to eight weeks for results to fully mature.

No matter your choice of procedure, Dr Choy takes every measure to ensure you are adequately prepared and informed of what to expect throughout recovery. He will walk you through how to manage any pain and care for the surgical sites to lower the risk of complications and promote aesthetic results.


Dr Choy aims to achieve a smoother, more refined appearance that does not create an overly taut, ‘pulled’ appearance. The results of this procedure can last years for those who lead a healthy lifestyle and use the right products and treatments to maintain their skin.

However, even with all appropriate measures taken, skin is bound to continue ageing, and the benefits of a neck lift may lessen over time. 

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Dr Ellis Choy is one of Sydney’s plastic and cosmetic surgeons. He is dedicated to the patient experience and approaches every procedure with care, service and proficiency. If you would like to learn more or find out if you are a candidate for neck lift surgery, call Ellis Choy Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery in Northbridge, NSW, on 02 8962 9388 to schedule your consultation today.

Making an Informed Decision

Undergoing plastic surgery is a significant decision that should be made only after careful consideration of all aspects involved, including the potential risks and complications.

General Risks and Complications

There are general risks and complications that apply to most plastic surgery procedures. These are discussed in detail on our Risks and Complications page.

Specific Risks and Complications

In addition to those that apply generally to plastic surgery, each individual procedure comes with its own specific risks and complications. For neck lift surgery, these include: 

  • Noticeable scarring
  • Overly tightened or pulled appearance
  • Temporary or permanent changes in skin sensation
  • Weakness of the lower lip due to nerve injury
  • Hair loss at the incision sites

Next Steps

Request a consultation with Dr Choy for a detailed discussion of these considerations. Dr Choy will conduct a thorough risk assessment based on your individual factors and outline the measures that can be taken to minimise these risks. He and his team are here to support your decision-making process, providing all the information you need to make well-informed choices about your care.