Nipple & Areolar Correction in Sydney

Nipple and Areolar Correction Surgery With Sydney Plastic Surgeon Dr Ellis Choy

Women are familiar with breast enlargement or reduction procedures, but often overlook related surgeries that can enhance the appearance of their breasts. Nipple and areolar surgery is one example where a simple procedure can create aesthetic appeal without the need for drastic measures. Breasts that exhibit large, protruding areolas or nipples that are long and droopy can be dramatically improved with techniques to improve appearance and provide radically improved body-image.

Our bodily makeup is governed by genetics. Breasts are no exception, although their appearance can also change due to external factors such as pregnancy and breast-feeding, the influence of previous surgery, or simply due to the ageing process. Nipple and areolar correction is the solution for a range of conditions, including:

  • Areolas that appear out of proportion or too large
  • Stretched or irregular areolas as a consequence of prior breast surgery
  • Nipples that are not symmetrical
  • Nipples that are exceedingly long or droopy
  • Inverted (inward pointing) nipples

In addition, many women choose to undergo nipple or areolar correction in conjunction with a breast lift or augmentation procedure. In this way, several problems can be treated in a single surgical operation. In some cases, these seemingly unrelated procedures are ideally coupled, as a breast lift or augmentation can alter the position or appearance of the nipples, requiring realignment.

The consultation

The first step in any cosmetic surgical procedure is to employ the services of a highly qualified and experienced practitioner, like Dr Ellis Choy. This can’t be stressed enough, as the results attained by an expert are incomparable to the shoddy work performed by an inexperienced amateur.

Dr Choy is a highly regarded plastic and cosmetic surgeon, with decades of training and experience. He is also a great listener (a rarity among doctors) and will discuss your expectations and goals in detail during a private and confidential consultation. Added to this, Dr Choy uses state of the art equipment in a purpose designed clinic to provide the most rewarding and satisfying surgical results.

Dr Choy will thoroughly review any medical history or medications used that could influence the outcome of the procedure. His recommendations are tailored to individual patient needs, all provided in a caring spirit that provides encouragement and confidence. Your areolar or nipple surgery cost is dependent on the procedure required, and will be fully appraised as part of the consultation.

The surgery

Nipple or areolar correction surgery is generally performed on an outpatient basis. The procedure takes approximately one hour, although if combined with additional procedures the surgery will naturally take longer.

A nipple reduction or correction of an inverted nipple is performed by making an incision on the nipple. Inverted nipples are relatively common, with one in fifty women experiencing this condition. Reversing an inverted nipple is performed by delicately spreading the fibres that pull the nipple inward. The nipple can then be freed and will face outward.

Nipples that are too long or droopy can be reduced in length without losing aesthetic appeal. Wide nipples can be reduced by removing some of the underside of the nipple, and the circumference can be reduced.

Areolar reduction involves an incision around the areolar. Some pigmented areas can then be removed, creating a smaller circumference in keeping with overall breast shape. Excess areolar or nipple tissue removal can be performed to create the shape, size and symmetry desired.

Recovering from surgery

Although nipple and areolar surgery is minimally invasive, there will still be some swelling and discomfort after the operation. Pain medication can be prescribed by Dr Choy, and any incision areas will need to be protected with gauze dressings and a surgical bra if required. This will keep the breasts in proper position during the healing process.

Return to work or regular activities is usually possible within a day or two, although strenuous exercise should be avoided for two to three weeks. You will be able to drive a day or two after the operation, and any numbness experienced will diminish over the next few weeks. The results are permanent, and in almost every case highly satisfying.

*The information about nipple and areolar correction was reviewed by Dr. Ellis Choy. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us here.

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