Breast Implant Removal in Sydney

Breast Implant Removal Surgery With Sydney Plastic Surgeon Dr Choy

Breasts implants can substantively restore a woman’s look by returning fullness which has been lost over time, and, when paired with a breast lift or reshaping procedure, a breast implant surgery can also improve the orientation and overall appearance of the breasts, providing comprehensive rejuvenation. This combination of surgeries can help women look — and more importantly feel — more feminine, increasing their confidence and satisfaction in every aspect of their lives. For this reason, breast augmentation remains one of the most popular and frequently performed surgeries worldwide.

Surgeries involving implants also provide long-lasting results, with implant life frequently exceeding ten years and often lasting much longer. However, no medical device, including breast implants, has an indefinite lifespan, and for this reason, doctors recommend regular check-ups as women approach this implant milestone. If women have no issues with their implants, and their health remains sound, they need not take any action. However, women who are experiencing problems or who wish to have their implants removed or replaced will require an implant explantation surgery.

Also, women who have symptoms of breast implant illness or concerns about this phenomenon should also consider scheduling a breast implant removal consultation. Dr Choy is a member of the Australian Breast Device Registry and a highly-experienced surgeon in treating these concerns. Women who require a breast explantation surgery do not have extra reason for concern, however, if they have their surgery performed by a qualified Specialist Plastic Surgeon with expertise in breast augmentation, explantation, reconstruction and reshaping, like Dr Ellis Choy. In fact, they can have outstanding and long-lasting results that equal or exceed those of their original surgery.

A second breast surgery will always naturally be more complex than a woman’s primary surgery, for several reasons. Not only will a woman’s implants have aged between surgeries, but skin tissue and muscle will also have changed during this time, symptoms which a woman’s surgeon must also address during explantation. It is these requirements of surgery that make the selection of a highly-experienced surgeon the most critical factor in obtaining satisfactory results with complete safety.

Do I need a breast implant explantation?

I’ve had my implants for a while now, and I feel fine. How do I know if I need an explantation surgery? Are there other factors I need to be aware of?

There are several reasons a woman may need a breast explantation surgery. The surest way to determine this, however, is to visit a qualified Specialist Plastic Surgeon, like Dr Choy, and have an exam. Common reasons women need a breast implant explantation include:

  • Dissatisfaction with the look of one’s current implants
  • Breast revision, lift or reshaping surgery
  • Capsular contracture (formation of scar tissue) around the implants
  • Infection in the breast pocket
  • Implant rupture or failure
  • Breast cancer

Your Breast Implant Removal Consultation

I’m nervous about my consultation. I don’t notice anything wrong — but what if there is? Plus it’s difficult to discuss these issues with anyone. How does Dr Choy handle all of this?

Your breast implant removal procedure will begin with a thorough and expert consultation with Dr Ellis Choy, during which he will listen to any potential concerns you have and perform a full examination to determine if an implant removal procedure is necessary. Your safety and overall satisfaction are Dr Choy’s primary concerns, and the surgeon will only recommend the safest and most effective options to redress any issues, ensuring that you fully understand the medical necessity of the proposed options and their benefits to you.

One of the best ways to understand the benefits you can expect from a breast implant removal surgery, especially regarding breast appearance, is to review the results of prior successful surgeries. From our before-and-after portfolio, you can see firsthand Dr Choy’s and our team’s commitment to achieving the very best results for our clients, regardless of their body type or their desired outcomes. You can even see some of our results in our online implant removal photo gallery to help you get a better idea of what you can expect. Take a look here.

Please bear in mind that all cases are different, and outcomes may vary. However, Dr Choy’s team have an almost unrivalled track record of achieving the very best results.

What To Expect During and After my Breast Implant Removal Surgery

What will a breast explantation procedure be like, and how much different will it be from my original surgery? Are there complications I need to know about? What variants of the surgery are there, and how will I know which one I need?

Breast Implant Removal and Replacement

Patients usually request a breast implant removal when they are no longer happy with their current level of augmentation, their implants have begun to fail, or they have experienced specific issues, such as capsular contracture. This decision does not mean, however, that they necessarily want to go back to having a 100% natural breast contour. If you decide to resize your breasts, Dr Choy can conduct a slightly more extended procedure, during which a second set of implants is inserted.

This procedure will necessarily be more complex, for a variety of reasons. Any issues with breast tissue discovered after the implants have been removed must be corrected before insertion of the new implants into the breast pocket to have a safe procedure with the best possible outcome. While many problems can be anticipated prior to the surgical date, some may only become apparent after the initial incisions have been made. A surgeon who can not only address but also anticipate such problems can increase a woman’s chances of having a successful surgery with outstanding result.

Breast Implant Removal without Replacement

It is not uncommon for a woman to have only a breast implant removal without replacement. This procedure will bring the breast back to its original size and shape, as closely as is possible. However, to achieve the most attractive look, often it is beneficial to combine breast implant removal with a breast lift or reshaping procedure. This combination is becoming increasingly popular among patients in Australia since it not only eliminates the troublesome concerns a woman may be experiencing but also attractively enhances the breasts, providing the best possible outcome.

Women can further improve their breast appearance by including a fat-transfer in their procedure, affording them a very natural way to maintain breast fullness but without replacing their implants. A fat-transfer will use fat from a woman’s own body to compensate for volume lost due to the removal of the implant. The value of these combination procedures cannot be under-stressed, and if you are a candidate, Dr Choy will discuss these options with you during your consultation.

Recovery After Your Breast Implant Removal

I understand that a breast implant explantation procedure is often more complicated than a first surgery. Is recovery more complex, too? I only have a limited time to take off work, plus I have other responsibilities, too.

No; if you have your surgery performed by a qualified and experienced Specialist Plastic Surgeon like Dr Choy, you can expect a speedy and uneventful recovery that closely resembles that of your original surgery. A breast implant removal surgery will require a few weeks at home, and like your first surgery, you may need some help the first few days for your safety and comfort. However, after your breast implant removal procedure, you can expect minimal disruption to your normal routine.

The first few days are likely to be the most challenging. Immediately after your procedure, you may feel a bit groggy or disorientated because of the anaesthetic; although this is temporary, you should have a chaperone with you to help you get home as driving will be out of the question. You can also expect some mild discomfort around the affected area which will be most prominent during the first few days after surgery. You can expect to spend at least one week off work as these symptoms subside.

Recovery times vary after breast implant removal, but you should expect the following:

  • One to two weeks for swelling and discomfort to reduce
  • One to two weeks to return to work (non-physical labour)
  • Four weeks at least before returning to heavy exercise, such as lifting or extended cardio sessions

Remember that these timelines are just for guidance and that your personal situation may vary. Dr Choy will be able to give you more information during your follow up procedure. You are also encouraged to contact the team at any time if you feel any unusual discomfort or pain during recovery, or if you have any concerns at all. It is always better to err on the side of caution.

Why Sydney-area Women Trust Dr Choy for their Breast Implant Explantation Surgeries

I’m scheduling my consultations now. Who are the most trusted surgeons in the Sydney area for breast implant removal?

With top credentials, innate talent and exceptional taste, Dr Choy uses his surgical skills to benefit all patients who visit his Sydney-area practice. For these characteristics, patients often select and return to his practice. His keen attention to their goals, empathy and rapport foster the excellent outcomes patients expect.

Women near Sydney with known or anticipated concerns about their breast implants must schedule an appointment with Dr Choy immediately, especially if their second surgery involves a breast lift, reshaping or reconstruction procedure. They may call Dr Choy’s offices on 02 8962 9388 to book their consultation, or they can schedule online.

Do not delay; appointments book quickly, and the benefits of surgery performed by Dr Choy can provide immediate, life-changing and long-lasting results!

Click here to view our breast implant removal before and after photos

Patient Story

“Forty-seven years after having a unilateral silicone breast implant inserted for right-sided breast hypoplasia, I decided to have the offending object removed,” a recent surgery candidate says.

Problems with her implants became progressively worse over time, due to a number of factors, including caring for her children through breastfeeding. When she entered menopause, her problems and concerns increased.

Asymmetry, hardness as well as other irregularities and pain had become a part of her daily routine, having a devastating effect on her comfort, appearance, confidence and even self-worth. Recent reports which she had read on the relationship between implants and cancer only added additional urgency to having her concerns assessed by a surgeon.

“I read some concerning reports about a rare anaplastic lymphoma associated with implants,” she relates, and the decision to have surgery finally became unavoidable. Her implants “had to be removed,” she decided. These threats to her physical and emotional health needed the attention of a medical professional, immediately.

The patient discovered one of the sources of her issues during her consultation; her implant had ruptured. This confirmed the need for surgery. A procedure like this, with an older implant that was deteriorating, would be risky to trust to an ordinary surgeon, and she could not afford the risk of having additional problems.

High-risk surgeries can translate into high-reward surgeries when patients select a well-trained, highly-qualified and experienced specialist plastic surgeon, like Dr Ellis Choy in Sydney, to perform their procedure. Revisions surgeries are always more complex than a woman’s first surgery, requiring superior anatomical knowledge, the ability to navigate challenges during surgery successfully, as well as pure surgical skill.

Satisfying and long-lasting results begin with a thorough consultation, which takes all factors into consideration. Your symptoms and anatomy will take a central role in planning your course of treatment. But perhaps, few considerations matter more than the goals you wish to achieve through your surgery.

Without a plan to create the precise outcome you want, you cannot expect to achieve your desired results. Trusted surgeons, such as Dr Ellis Choy, will spend ample time educating you about the problems you are experiencing, so you can make the best and most well-informed choice about how to proceed. After all, it is your body and wellbeing at stake, and you must live with the results.

*The information about breast implant removal was reviewed by Dr. Ellis Choy. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us here.