Breast Lift + Implant


Ageing, having children and weight loss can all cause your breasts to lose firmness, which can lead to a deflated appearance. This is a common complaint for many women. Breast lift surgery, however, can create a firmer, ‘perkier’ appearance.

A breast uplift or mastopexy can lift and reshape your breasts. The surgery involves removing excess skin from either underneath the breast or around the areola. The skin is tightened which creates a firmer cone of breast tissue and the nipple is moved to a higher position to give a more youthful and firm appearance. A breast enlargement or breast reduction may also be required at the same time in order to create the results you want.

If you have sagging breasts and a loss of fullness in the top portion of your breasts, you are likely a candidate for the procedure. It’s normal for the breasts to sag as you grow older. The breasts, like the rest of the body, tend to sag with age. The sagging can be exacerbated by childbirth, genetics, stretch marks on the breast skin, weight gain, and weight loss.

To address the issue of loss of volume or fullness in the breast, a breast augmentation (implant) is often recommended at the same time as the lift. The breast implant fills up the extra skin of the breast, restoring the fullness that was in the upper aspect of the breasts.

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