Breast Reshaping


Although breast development begins around puberty, women experience a lot of changes in the bust area during pregnancy and after childbirth. The original shape, size, and volume of the breasts may change after each pregnancy and as women reach menopause. The only way to restore shape, symmetry and volume to the breasts is by undergoing plastic surgeries like breast reshaping and mastopexy.

Skilled plastic surgeons like Dr Ellis Choy can create a perfect balance between reshaping, areolar positioning and implantation. They can surgically mould breasts, so they look more aesthetically appealing, well-contoured, and balanced. Procedures like breast lift, breast augmentation, fat grafting and nipple repositioning can help you achieve perfectly natural looking breasts that give you your femininity and self-esteem back.

Breast Lift

The popularity of a breast lift procedure has grown worldwide. It’s a cosmetic surgery of choice because it restores the breast’s youthful shape and volume. It doesn’t generally involve the insertion of implants, but patients can also choose to undergo breast augmentation surgery, if they want to make their breasts look and feel full and lifted up.

During the procedure, Dr Choy makes a few incisions to lift and reshape underlying breast tissue. Depending on the patient’s requirements, the surgeon may also reposition the nipple and areola and trim enlarged areolas, so the breasts look perfectly proportionate. Once the breasts are reshaped, and excess skin is excised, the incisions are sutured together. A breast lift leaves you with noticeably firmer and youthful looking breasts. It reverses the effects of pregnancy and breast feeding and the toll it takes on your body.

Breast Reshaping After Weight Loss

Breasts undergo many changes following weight loss. They lose fatty tissue and feel deflated. Even the nipples/areola become distorted and start sagging. They lose their firm circular shape and start hanging downwards and outwards. There is a considerable loss of breast projection coupled with sagging. These changes occur independently on each breast. One side may appear flatter or lower than the other, resulting in significantly disproportionate breasts.

Breast reshaping takes care of these conditions. It can aesthetically contour the breast, increase volume and eliminate sagging. Dr Choy may either tighten the breasts and remove excess tissue or restore volume with the use of implants or fat grafts taken from the upper abdomen, chest or upper back.

Breast Reduction

Those with very large and displaced breasts can also use the latest techniques in breast reduction surgery to get perkier breasts that are 1-2 sizes smaller. This procedure takes care of excess weight and discomfort associated with large breasts. It can also make uneven breasts look even. Although the surgery aims to alleviate the symptoms of back pain associated with excessively large breasts, it also improves the appearance of the bustline.

There are various techniques used to remove breast tissue and decrease the size of the breast. Dr Choy will choose a method only after taking the patient’s breast size and shape and other factors like the need for breastfeeding into consideration. Common procedures include an anchor incision, a vertical incision, a free nipple graft and liposuction. Liposuction effectively removes excess fat from the breast area and helps to contour the shape of the bust. It may only be ideal for certain candidates. The procedure takes 2-3 hours and is performed under general anaesthesia.

Breast reshaping costs vary, depending on the type of procedure that needs to be done. Dr Ellis Choy will work with you and use the latest advances in technology to give you outstanding results. Call the practice on 02 8962 9388 or complete the enquiry form to book a consultation. Also, look at our gallery of breast reshaping before and after pictures to see the results we have achieved.