Breast Implants in Sydney

Breast Implants Surgery with Sydney Plastic Surgeon Dr Ellis Choy

Breast implants can significantly enhance the appearance of your breasts. Whether you’re looking to enhance their volume or make them appear more contoured, upright and appealing as they did before ageing and childrearing took its toll, a breast implant procedure will augment the size of the breasts and can even reshape them. For greater correction, breast-lift surgery can also be performed with an implant surgery to address problems such as breast drooping, shifting and excess skin. Together, the surgeries can restore the natural, youthful size, position and orientation of the breasts, providing significant, long-term rejuvenation and a return to a happier and more confident state-of-mind. The results of breast reshaping surgeries can transform both body and spirit.

The Types of Breast Implants You Can Have and How They Can Transform Your Body

Saline Breast Implants

Saline breast implants derive their volume from a sterile saline solution which your surgeon will inject into the empty implant shell after it is introduced into the breast pocket. The size of the implant you wish to have will determine the amount of saline solution that will be injected into the shell. While no longer the primary choice of women, saline implants do have some advantages.

  • Saline implants can be precisely sized after placement
  • Saline implants can help women correct dramatically uneven breasts
  • Saline implants require a smaller incision since they are inserted empty

With the exception of the smaller incision, however, women can have all of the advantages of saline implants and more by selecting silicone implants.

Silicone Breast Implants

In contrast to saline breast implants, silicone gel implants come pre-filled with silicone gel by the manufacturer. The gel is a sticky, viscous material that closely resembles the feel of natural body fat to the touch. Because of their soft, spongy consistency and resilience, they are often compared to “gummy bear” candies from which they derive their nickname, “gummy bear implants.” Silicone gel breast implants are extremely popular among women for their very natural feel, and the implants come in a variety of sizes that give women ample flexibility and control over their final breast appearance. The advantages of silicone gel implants include:

  • A very natural look and feel
  • Less incidence of rippling in comparison to saline implants
  • Available to women with any amount of natural breast tissue
  • Less incidence of downward displacement because of their lightweight

Tear Drop Implants

When selecting silicone gel implants, women also can choose the shape of their implant to customise their final look more fully. Silicone implants come in round or “teardrop” shapes each of which will give women a slightly different breast presentation after insertion into the breast pocket. There is no right or wrong choice when it comes to implant shape, and there are few limits in terms of their selection; women should choose whichever shape best represents the expression of their femininity.

However, each implant shape has distinct advantages which can influence a woman’s final choice. For example, round breast implants provide more fullness and are therefore more frequently used in breast augmentation, while tear-drop, or anatomical, implants which slope downward to a fuller lower portion, can help restore a very natural look for women who have very little breast tissue, making them an excellent choice for breast reconstruction patients.

Implant Texture

Women can also select the texture of their implant shell. Implant shells come in either smooth or textured form. Smooth implants will be able to rotate and move freely in the breast pocket while textured implants will move less since the texture of their outer shell will create some resistance. Texture is an advantageous feature for women who select tear-drop implants since it helps maintain the orientation of the implant in the breast pocket. Smooth implants often have thinner shells which help them feel more natural, however.

Implant Placement

Women can also choose the placement of their implants to customise their look further. Dr Choy can place your implants either above or beneath the pectoral muscle, and your choice of placement can help your final look appear more natural, attractive and personal.

  • In subglandular/submammary placement, Dr Choy will place the implant above the pectoral muscle and behind the natural breast tissue
  • In submuscular placement, Dr Choy will place the implant behind the pectoral muscle

A woman’s desired breast appearance will influence the ideal choice of breast implant placement. For example, women with very little natural breast tissue will benefit from submuscular placement which increases the amount of tissue covering the implant, offering a much more natural feel. Women with ample breast tissue, on the other hand, can opt for subglandular placement which will similarly give them the most natural feel since her own breast tissue will cover the implant.

A Breast Implant Surgery Can Restore Your Look, Individuality and Confidence

I don’t just want larger breasts. I want to look like I used to. Can a breast implant surgery help me get my look back? And will I be happy with my results?

A breast implant surgery can include procedures which can improve the breasts in many ways, meeting women’s specific needs and helping them truly express their unique femininity, individuality and confidence. For example, women can have a breast augmentation to improve their breast size or an augmentation along with a lift to improve their breast position also. By combining procedures, women can achieve a very natural, attractive and personalised result that they can enjoy every day and which will boost their mood and confidence for years.

Breast Augmentation With a Breast Lift

A breast lift’s primary focus is to improve the orientation and position of the breasts on a woman’s chest, and the procedure can be had without augmentation if a woman has only issues with breast position. However, most often, a breast lift will be performed in conjunction with a breast augmentation to give a woman more complete rejuvenation. During a breast lift, Dr Choy may reposition the nipple and areola or decrease the size of the areola to achieve each woman’s desired breast appearance. Excess skin will be excised during this phase to reduce breast sagging, raise the breasts and create the ideal breast shape. The results will be firmer, youthful looking breasts after surgery which very closely resemble their original appearance, giving women years of satisfaction.

A Beautiful Result Begins With Selecting the Right Surgeon

I want to learn more about my options and begin planning my surgery, but I only want to visit with the most qualified surgeons in Sydney. Who should I visit for my first consultation?

The surgeon you choose should have top-flight credentials, exceptional surgical skills, a very high taste level and a passion for serving his patients.

Dr Choy is this surgeon. He uses all of these characteristics to the benefit the unique needs of each of his Sydney clients. His genuine concern for his patients, attention to their needs and wishes and his personal rapport lead to the attractive and lasting outcomes which they come to expect. Dr Choy has many specialities for which he has been recognised in Australia and beyond. They include general surgery, breast reshaping and revision surgeries, reconstructive surgery of the face, breast and body and skin oncology. Clients will find few more well-qualified surgeons than Dr Choy, and even fewer who take the long-term interest of his patients to heart the way he does.

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