Body Lift

Body Lift Surgery With Sydney Plastic Surgeon Dr Ellis Choy

No exercise plus unhealthy eating habits ultimately lead to weight gain. This scenario can continue for years or even decades before action is taken to shed the kilos. The health benefits of exercise and diet will then be appreciated, but the physical signs of dramatic weight loss will unfortunately remain in the form of sagging, dimpled skin or irregular body shape. In situations where your target weight has been achieved through diet and exercise, a body lift is the next step in reducing unwanted fat and loose, sagging skin.

The elasticity of skin varies from person to person. Some people bounce back into shape seemingly at will, while others embark on extreme diets and vigorous exercise with little to show for their efforts. Unsatisfactory body shape is also influenced by genetics, ageing, pregnancy, sun damage, illness…and the list goes on. A body lift is recommended for people who are dedicated to maintaining a reasonable level of fitness and who are determined to modify bad habits that cause weight gain.

What areas are treated with a body lift?

This will be dependent on individual requirements for removal of fat and flab. For some people, a body lift will primarily aim to shed fat from the abdomen, however, the procedure can also tighten and shape the sides (love handles), back, thighs, hips and buttocks. Additional procedures include liposuction, facelift, arm lift and breast lift, and anywhere else where skin and fatty tissue need removing or restoring for a toned and balanced result. In other words, a body lift can focus on isolated problem areas or be a complete restoration from head to toe.

The body lift consultation

Dr Ellis Choy is highly qualified plastic and cosmetic surgeon with vast experience treating all areas of the body. A private and confidential consultation with him, will determine your skin tone, fatty problem areas and general health. He will discuss your goals, provide realistic expectations and assist by formulating a surgical plan aimed at achieving outstanding results.

Dr Choy understands the concerns of prospective body lift patients, along with the need for a successful and comfortable recovery. Most body lift patients desire a return to healthy balance and activities that have been neglected for years. In the hands of an expert surgeon, like Dr Choy, these goals are realistic and attainable.

An important part of your consultation with Dr Choy is the disclosure of any factors that could impact negatively on your surgical outcome, such as smoking, medications and other drugs, the use of vitamins, and all previous surgeries.

The body lift surgery

Your personalised surgical procedure with Dr Choy, is designed to achieve the best possible results, but there are limitations for every type of surgery. A body lift will immediately remove symptoms of physical neglect and natural ageing, while ongoing improvement is greatly assisted by exercise and appropriate lifestyle habits post-operation.

In cases where a large amount of sagging skin is to be removed, there will be a  number of incisions required. Fortunately, Dr Choy has the surgical knowledge and state of the art technology required to create incisions, and he will ensure that they are concealed as discreetly as possible, even when you wear swimsuits or revealing clothing. Cosmetic and plastic surgery has evolved to a fine art during recent years and Dr Choy is at the forefront of new and cutting edge technology and the results he achieves are outstanding.

The procedure takes place in a hospital environment under general anaesthesia. Depending on the number of incisions and the amount of skin to be removed, the operation can take several hours. You will then be required to remain in hospital for a few days during the initial recovery period for monitoring purposes. Complications are rare and well-trained medical staff will be on hand to assist with dressings, surgical tape, fluid drains and even emotional support and encouragement. It’s also worth noting, that as a patient of Dr Choy, you are not alone. He is accessible and available for advice and encouragement every step of the way so you can rest assured that recovery, although slow at first, will be ongoing and exciting.

Recovery from body lift surgery

Improvements will immediately be noticeable, especially the weight loss and improved body shape. Your skin will heal over several weeks with diminished swelling and gradual lightning of scars. It’s important to prepare for your return home by pre-ordering any supplies you require, arranging your house for comfort and convenience, and organising a lift home by a family member or friend. It’s a good idea if this person can stay with you for a few days during initial recovery to assist with any needs.

Return to work should be delayed for several weeks and any extended lifting, stretching or exercise should be avoided. Comfort and recovery is the priority, and Dr Choy can prescribe suitable pain relief medication to ease any discomfort you may have.

Additional body lift benefits

External appearances are usually the motivation for undergoing a body lift, but improved appearance, although greatly welcomed, is only part of the overall benefit. The removal of flab and fat will immediately resolve strain on ligaments and joints caused by excess weight, and this will assist with your renewed fitness program. Self-confidence, increased opportunities and work options, greater energy, vitality and intimacy are all commonly experienced by body lift patients.

Acceptance of some visible scarring is necessary, although this will lighten over time. Natural ageing will also continue, but your body lift will provide an opportunity to get in shape, stay in shape and enjoy life to its full potential.

*The information about body lift was reviewed by Dr. Ellis Choy. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us here.