Pre & Post Surgery Info

Pre-Surgery Information

Once you have decided to proceed with surgery, you will receive a detailed Cost/Payment Schedule. This clearly outlines all the costs associated with your proposed procedure(s) including Surgeon, Anaesthetist and estimated Hospital costs where applicable.

To secure a surgery date, we require a deposit and signed Terms & Conditions document. If surgery is scheduled beyond 1 month, an instalment payment plan will be required – with first payment due 7-10 days after confirming a surgery date, unless otherwise agreed by Dr Choy and the Practice Director. 

If needed, a Pre-Op Planning appointment will be made for you to return to Dr Ellis Choy’s rooms for another chat and to complete the hospital paperwork and this will give you an opportunity to ask any questions you may still have.

On the day of your surgery we suggest you bring comfortable, loose fitting and front-opening garments, this may include a nightie or suitable pyjamas. It is recommended that you remove nail varnish as a precaution so that your anaesthetist is able to monitor your oxygen levels easily.

An appropriate compression garment is included in your surgery cost and you will need to wear this day and night for 6-8 weeks. You have the option to purchase a second garment to facilitate laundering and this can be done by contacting Dr Choy’s rooms.

Post-Surgery Information

In order to make things easier when you return home after surgery, ensure you have completed all your big or physical jobs, (eg. Changing bed linen, spring-cleaning etc.). Ask a family member or friend to possibly be available to take you to hospital and to bring you home and to remain with you on the first day. Fight the temptation to overdo things in the first week or two as you could compromise the result of your surgery.

You can expect to feel some pain and discomfort but you will be given pain medication which is designed to help you stay relatively comfortable. The post-operative healing process is a bit up and down so although you may feel wonderful for a day or so you may also find that you have a bad day in between. But just be aware that this is entirely normal and will pass.

You would normally see Dr Choy within a week to ten days after surgery and then perhaps a month later. A final visit is generally three months post-surgery if all has gone according to plan.