Body Contouring in Sydney

Body Sculpting With Sydney Plastic Surgeon Dr Ellis Choy

The evolution of plastic and cosmetic surgery has been dramatic. The entire human body can be transformed by state-of-the-art procedures that were only dreamt about in previous decades, while new techniques and technologies continue to astound the medical profession. As a medical subspecialty, Body Contouring has become increasingly important, particularly for helping people who have already achieved dramatic weight loss goals.

Body contouring marks the transition from obese to absolutely fabulous – a very real possibility in the hands of an expert surgeon. Although weight loss alone is rewarding and provides renewed energy and vitality, skin that has previously ballooned will sag, creating unsightly layers of excess flesh that appears unsightly. Surgical removal of unwanted skin, along with reshaping of healthy underlying tissue, results in a contoured and balanced physique, with scarring cleverly concealed, wherever possible.

What area does body contouring target?

Body contouring is usually a combination of existing surgical procedures such as a ‘lower body lift’ that includes the tummy, midsection and outer thighs. An ‘upper body lift’, on the other hand, also removes unwanted skin, while shaping the breasts, back, arms, neck and face.

Body contouring procedures include:

  • Tummy tuck: removes excess, sagging skin around the stomach area
  • Breast lift: improves volume, shape and symmetry of breasts
  • Facelift: removes sagging skin, restoring facial features for a younger appearance
  • Lower body lift: removes unsightly skin from the buttocks, thighs and abdomen
  • Arm lift: removes sagging skin from the upper arms
  • Medial thigh lift: removes excess skin to enhance firm, shapely and strong legs

Body contouring pre-operative steps

Optimum body contouring results are reliant upon pre-operative steps. Prior to the operation, patients are expected to achieve and maintain weight loss goals. Adequate recovery is impaired by smoking, so quitting, at least for a time, is highly recommended. It’s also important to have realistic expectations and determination to follow through with recovery and post-operative instructions. Ultimately, body contouring provides incredible results for individuals who are ready, able, and determined to return to a healthy, active, and fulfilling life.

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Your body contouring consultation

Desirable surgical outcomes are only attained by specialist plastic surgeons. Dr Ellis Choy and his team showcase the finest plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures at their purpose-designed facility in Northbridge, close to the Sydney CBD. Dr Choy is among the most talented and highly-qualified surgeons in his field, providing life-changing solutions beyond the reach of less experienced surgeons.

From the outset, a consultation with Dr Choy is confidential and caring. Everyone is different, with hopes and expectations to match, and Dr Choy can provide a realistic and encouraging plan that is personalised for great body contouring results. A consultation can include:

  • Health evaluation including pre-existing conditions and risk factors
  • Detailed physical measurements to facilitate proportionate body contouring
  • Treatment options and recommendations
  • Discussion regarding expected outcomes
  • Discussion of alternative treatment options
  • Information regarding the operation, recovery and return to regular activities
  • Any costs associated with plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures

Body contouring procedural steps

Once surgical goals are defined, including adequate time allotted for post-operative recovery, surgery can commence. As body contouring involves several procedures, the operation can last several hours, and general anaesthesia is used for invasive operations. Body contouring procedures provide dramatic and immediate improvement, with follow-up procedures highly likely, so a long-term approach to recovery is required.

Body contouring incisions can be extensive, and every effort is made to position them in discreet and easily hidden locations. Using advanced techniques, Dr Choy is usually able to make incisions that are concealed by regular clothing, and looking great in swimwear or intimate attire is absolutely possible. As body contouring is extensive, the procedures are often performed in stages, so an appropriate surgical plan is essential from the outset.

Although the operation is fast and results dramatic, ongoing improvements take place over time.The full benefit of weight loss and excess skin removal becomes increasingly noticeable as natural bodily mechanisms restore and rebuild, with further natural contouring entirely possible by introducing healthy exercise and lifestyle habits.

*The information about body contouring was reviewed by Dr. Ellis Choy. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us here.