Facial Fat Grafting in Sydney

Facial Fat Grafting With Sydney Plastic Surgeon Dr Ellis Choy

There are several means to restore an attractive and more youthful facial appearance. Most people are familiar with face-lifts and dermal fillers as restoration solutions, but facial fat grafting is also becoming increasingly popular. An analogy: a healthy young face can be compared to a smooth fresh grape which over time loses moisture and finally becomes a dried raisin. However, the raisin still has capacity to absorb moisture and to again become plump and succulent. In a similar way, a dried and worn face can be volumised by injecting fat cells into the desired area. Fat cells are harvested from one’s own body, and perfectly replace facial fat cells lost over time.

In this procedure, tiny amounts of fat are taken, usually from the abdomen or thighs, before being injected into desired facial areas with a micro droplet technique. Facial fat grafting has proven longevity, and is ideal for volumising and shaping around the eyes, jawline and cheeks. The small amount of fat harvested shouldn’t be compared to liposuction, and the facial fat grafting procedure can be used in tandem with other facial rejuvenation strategies such as a facelift or eyelid surgery.

Suitability for facial fat transfer

In one sense, we are all prospective patients for this procedure. Facial fat transfer improves a facial appearance that has suffered wear and tear over time. Aspects of the face treated include wrinkles, frown lines, furrows, hollows and even acne scarring. Our full and round facial shape has changed by the time we reach our thirties, when a more angular appearance will slowly manifest. Many people appreciate this change from baby fat to a more adult appearance where cheekbones and jawline become prominent. However, this is only a phase, and continued fat loss ultimately leads to a less than desirable appearance.

Fat grafting is an appealing option for prospective patients, as facial incisions are not required and it is minimally invasive. Fat is injected in tiny droplets using an extremely thin needle. The micro droplet technique ensures a high blood supply to grafted fat, enabling smooth and plumped results. Some facial areas will only require one fat injection treatment for long-lasting results, while other features may require several visits to the clinic.

Comparing fat injections to dermal fillers

As a facial fat transfer uses your own body fat there is no danger associated with introducing foreign materials into the body. Side effects are therefore non-existent in most cases. It’s the ideal solution for people who are sensitive or allergic to dermal filler products.

Fat injections also have great lasting power. The volume enhancement can last for several years before fat ultimately diminishes and a follow-up treatment is required. Most dermal fillers don’t have this kind of lifespan.

The consultation

As a leading Australian plastic and cosmetic surgeon, Dr Ellis Choy is fully qualified and capable of carrying out this procedure. Your consultation with Dr Choy is confidential, and he will provide you with the best solutions for your individual requirements. Years of study and practice at our most prestigious universities, hospitals and medical centres has resulted in Dr Choy becoming highly sought out for his expertise. He practices from well-established progressive, inviting and modern clinics, where only the best materials and equipment are used. Patients can rest easy knowing they are in safe hands.

A facial fat transfer is carried out under local anaesthesia as the procedure is not hugely invasive. This means that you can be treated by Dr Choy as a clinic or hospital outpatient, depending on your location. Dr Choy’s services are in demand both in Sydney and regional NSW. He will also advise you of any restrictions on medications or blood thinners as part of your initial consultation.

Facial fat grafting procedure

The procedure is carried out in a few simple stages:

  • Fat removal: Liposuction with a narrow cannula removes a small amount of excess fat – usually from the buttocks or thighs. Low suction is used to harvest predominately undamaged fat cells.
  • Fat cell isolation: Once collected, fat cells are separated from surrounding liquid. Any damaged cells are removed, leaving only clean and healthy fat cells to be used in the transfer.
  • Fat injection: Facial areas designated for fat injection will have been established by Dr Choy, who will then inject fat at a depth that achieves optimum results for facial rejuvenation.
  • Recovery: Within a day or two, any swelling or bruising will markedly diminish. Dr Choy will prescribe medication to assist with any pain, and as it is an outpatient procedure you will be able to return home on the same day, and back to work soon after. Results will be apparent as soon as swelling diminishes.

Dr Choy provides comprehensive information and ongoing support, along with a range of associated resources including before and after photos of satisfied customers. The new you begins with a simple phone call, email or consultation with Dr Ellis Choy.

*The information about facial fat grafting was reviewed by Dr. Ellis Choy. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us here.

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