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Women are becoming increasingly aware of their appearance, and the genital area is no exception. Feminine hygiene and comfort are also important. Labiaplasty surgery creates symmetry of the female genitalia, restores self-esteem, solves health issues, and possibly invites greater intimacy. Labiaplasty avoids visible scarring, while restoring and repairing the genital ‘lips’ – otherwise known as the inner labia (minora), and outer labia (majora).

Labia Minora Reduction, also known as Labiaplasty, is a procedure to reshape and/or reduce the amount of skin protruding from the vaginal opening. Tearing and stretching can result in the inner labia becoming more visible, as can sexual arousal, which may swell the labia several times its usual diameter.

For some women, the rigours of childbirth take their toll. Labiaplasty will restore a more youthful appearance. Related surgeries include clitoral hood reduction, labia symmetry surgery, and labia majora surgery to reduce or reshape the outer labia lips.

Labiaplasty surgery that is right for you

More women than ever before are having labiaplasty surgery. It’s understandable, as the operation is relatively non-invasive, with results that can be life-changing. Some people have difficulty wearing certain clothing or suffer discomfort riding bikes and horses. Other women experience pain during intercourse. Labiaplasty could be the answer.

Consider a plastic surgeon

If you are feeling discomfort or just curious regarding potential operation outcomes, it’s certainly worth consulting an empathetic, fully qualified plastic & cosmetic surgeon like Dr Ellis Choy. He is the Medical, Artistic and Creative Director. Dr Choy has garnered accolades from prestigious general and reconstructive surgery bodies, and has many years of surgical experience. He is a member of the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), and the Australasian Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS).

Discussing private or sexual issues can be difficult for some women, therefore our professional staff approaches the issue with a confidential and caring attitude in a purpose designed environment. Our facilities are created for relaxation and reassurance, utilising only the best technology, equipment, medical staff, and post-operation support.

Patient concerns can include:

  • Any impact on childbirth or pregnancy
  • Possible complications
  • Long-term risks
  • Impacts on sensation around the vaginal area
  • Using feminine hygiene products
  • Expected outcomes of the surgery

Post-operative care

There will naturally be some swelling and soreness around the operated area during labiaplasty recovery. This will diminish reasonably quickly, and in most cases, return to work or regular activities is possible within one week. Dr Choy will recommend appropriate healing methods and home-care procedures. Normal sensitivity around the vaginal area should return with the healing process, although abstinence from sexual activity for a few weeks is advisable.

Labiaplasty outcomes

Fortunately, women are no longer embarrassed about labiaplasty. Satisfaction among patients is high, and is evident in women experiencing newfound confidence, an outgoing nature, or greater overall quality of life. A huge benefit with plastic and cosmetic surgery is that even one simple procedure has far reaching benefits for the whole person.

Women come in a wide range of appearances that are anatomically correct. There is no individual shape of vagina or labia that is considered most ‘normal’ or regular. In many cases, an enlarged labia is congenital, although childbirth and hormonal changes can also have an influence. Freedom from discomfort along with a positive self-image are symptoms of a healthy, well-balanced person, and labiaplasty is now one of the most sought-out cosmetic surgery procedures to get women feeling more confident.

What is the cost of labiaplasty?

If you are interested in Labiaplasty surgery, here are some factors that can affect the cost:
  • Surgeon’s Fee
  • Surgeon’s Assistant
  • Anaesthetist
  • Hospital Fees
  • Post-Surgical Garments
  • Medications
All of our procedures are completely customized to each patient, so costs will vary. Call our offices to schedule a consultation with Dr Choy to learn more about the cost of Labiaplasty in Sydney.

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Patient Story

“From a very young age, I had been extremely self-conscious of the way my labia looked,” a woman who recently had labiaplasty says. “It was a part of my body I could not stand to look at and I felt as though it was abnormal.” She continues, “I am and was aware that labias come in all shapes and sizes, but to me, it was something I was uncomfortable with personally.”

This patient is not alone. Many women share similar feelings about the appearance of this intimate area. However, women do not have to live with concerns or discomfort any longer. Labiaplasty can be extremely effective in creating an appearance which brings a woman’s physical characteristics much closer to her ideal look and also reduces symptoms which may affect her comfort and intimacy.

“I knew that I could not dwell on this for the rest of my life and something needed to be done to feel comfortable about myself,” the woman continues. Her next step was to contact a qualified specialist plastic surgeon for a consultation. An intimate concern like this would require a surgeon with extreme sensitivity and also the ability to achieve her outcome.

Whether you are considering a labiaplasty or other equally critical surgery, your choice of surgeon plays a major role in the quality of your results. You want to select a surgeon with exceptional credentials, who also makes realising your goals the primary focus of your procedure. Patients in Sydney have a surgeon like this available to them in Dr Ellis Choy. Dr Choy is widely respected in the region for his outstanding surgical ability as well as for his relaxed manner and genuine concern for patients. A surgeon who shares the same goals as his patient is much more likely to achieve the specific outcome which she desires.

*The information about labiaplasty was reviewed by Dr. Ellis Choy. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us here.

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