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Welcome to our patient stories page. We understand that hearing stories from current and past patients will help you to make your decision regarding your surgery and surgeon. Unfortunately, we are limited by the Medical Board of Australia which prevents us from publishing testimonials, recommendations or statements regarding our services. There are, however, platforms such as RealSelf and Cosmetic Journey, which have been designed to give you a medium to read patient experiences.

Rediscover Your Sense of Self

They all knew her as the vibrant one; joyful, cheerful and full of positive energy. And that’s what she tried to emit – that’s who they saw her to be, and so she strived to give them that. But inside, something resisted. She hadn’t quite found herself again, not after those long years of feeling insecure and uncomfortable in her own body that she felt was a burden.

As she walked down the bustling city street, she glanced at other women – mostly young – who were striding down the walkways, their figures well-proportioned, tight and alluring. That wasn’t her. That’s not what she saw.

Passing a newsstand, she stopped to pick up a tabloid, taking note of the women on the front cover and feeling instantly withdrawn. She found her mind casting back all those years ago – 15 years in the past when she’d found her body to be entirely different from what she knew now. Although she had welcomed three beautiful children into the world within four years, she had undergone three caesareans to do so. She felt stuck with the excess skin she took along with her everyday; it was baggage to her.

As years continued to fly by her, she’d spent her days covering up her body in loose clothing. She made it a habit to avoid fancy events and stayed well away from physical activities that caused her to feel as if her body was on display. In some senses, she felt she’d withdrawn herself from the social scene, losing connections and damaging close relationships because of it.

At times, she’d caught herself dreaming of the perfect figure – what it would look like, feel like and how it would transform the way she was living. How did all those women introduce several children into the world, and still look the way they did? Why didn’t she?

But as she began to spiral into thoughts she knew were unreasonable, she caught herself. All the self-destructive thinking had to come to a halt. It was time to start a new journey and rediscover her own sense of self once more.

She just had to find out how…

Respectful and supportive care for your journey

Guiding women through new paths like this is the fundamental step Dr Ellis Choy is known for fulfilling. If you’ve found yourself in a similar position of experiencing feelings of being unsettled in your own skin, insecure or unhappy with how you feel, we recognise the discomfort you may be living through.

Our clinic offers careful and personalised plastic and cosmetic surgery solutions for women looking to transform their aesthetics. Dr Choy has collected his accomplishments through his commitment to fulfilling the journeys of women who are just trying to find peace with themselves.

Progressing through the industry as a highly regarded surgeon for over 20 years, Dr Choy has supported women just like you to embrace their goals and visions.

2017 RealSelf Top 500 list of Doctors in the Realself community

From the initial consultation to the transformation

Initially, we ask those considering any form of procedure to visit our clinic for a friendly, no-obligation consultation. During this session, the team will run you through essential information, expectations and processes involved. Our aim is to equip you with well-rounded knowledge that gives you confidence in the step you are taking.

Throughout the process, Dr Choy will navigate you through the options available to you and your circumstances, allowing you to decide on the best path for your goals. Whether you’re looking to undergo breast implants, tummy tucks or refine a certain aspect of your body, the support system that’s provided to you remains the same: comprehensive and holistic.

From the first time you step into the clinic to discuss your needs, through to completing the procedure and recovery phases – Dr Choy’s respectful approach will ensure you understand how to get the most out of your journey.

To see more of the many transformations we’ve assisted with, head to RealSelf and Cosmetic Journey. These platforms will give you insights into real stories and situations, allowing you to familiarise yourself with the approach and results that you can expect. Alternatively, book your consultation with Dr Ellis Choy now by calling (02) 8962 9388.