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Welcome to our patient stories page. We understand that hearing stories from current and past patients will help you to make your decision regarding your surgery and surgeon, unfortunately we are limited by the Medical Board of Australia which prevents us from publishing testimonials, recommendations or statements regarding our services. There are however, platforms such as Cosmetic Journey and RealSelf which have been designed to give you a medium to read patient experiences and provide testimonials of your own.

Below is a list of the categories that Dr Choy has received patient stories for, with a link to the unedited, unbiased reviews, from some of his patients. We trust that these reviews will assist you and give you the peace of mind that you are making the right decision for you.


After having two children my body never returned to the way it was pre-pregnancy so I decided to have breast augmentation. My new breasts have changed my life in such a positive way. It is amazing!


I am 55 years of age and have 4 grown up children. I have been wanting to have a breast augmentation since I finished breast feeding my second child, 27 years ago. Now I can wear a 12C normal bra with no padding at all and can now even go without a bra should I need to


Since my late teens I had always felt flat in the boob department, barely filling a B cup and after having two children I felt my breasts worsened, they became droopy and asymmetrical I was unable to fill out a top let alone a pair of swimmers comfortably. I’m now 7 Weeks post op and loving my new assets


I am 23 years of age, I underwent a breast augmentation lift procedure… in fixing up the asymmetry of my droopy breasts and could not be happier!


Since I was younger I had always wanted a breast augmentation. My breasts were always deflated and I always felt like they did not match my age! I’m wearing wireless bras, with no push up and they look GREAT! I’m so much more confident and love shopping for clothing that shows them off!


Before my surgery I had a lot of trouble finding bras and bikinis. As I did not fill out an A cup bra, I couldn’t wear shirts that were too low cut otherwise the gap would be visible. Since the surgery, all of these problems resolved on their own which also had a positive impact on my confidence. I absolutely love the results.


I had dreamed of having breast implants for as long as I can remember; especially after having children. Although, I never really thought that I would have it done. I feel more comfortable in myself and in my appearance and I feel so much more feminine. I’ll never again feel embarrassed about how I look in clothes or on the beach! My advice to anyone considering having breast augmentation surgery is to do your research


Having breast implant revision surgery at the age of 61 was a huge decision for me. Thirty years ago I had a breast implant surgery but found my breasts were too big and I was unhappy. Clothes fit better and I love getting dressed up to go out… decision I ever made!


From my research to finding the right Doctor who was able to rectify my previous breast implant surgery… completely restored my confidence and overall look.


I am now 1 year postop of a complicated revisional breast implant surgery… I am so happy with my new breasts and I’ve been in love with my new cleavage ever since!


Recently my right implant (of 17 years) deflated. I was mortified! I would have to have surgery one way or another and needed to make a decision to either have my implants removed or have them replaced. I’m SO happy with the end results (My husband is too ;)


I am 24 years of age and due to significant weight loss in recent years, my breasts changed dramatically so I couldn’t be fully confident in my own body. This whole experience has changed my life for the better and I could not be happier.


As far back as I can remember I had always been uncomfortable in my appearance and lacking in confidence. I’m excited to start this new phase of my life, where I’m able to have positive shopping experiences that don’t end in tears because I can’t find anything that fits…


I am a 71 years old and for about six years have wanted to have my saggy breasts lifted. I had the reduction lift and implants and… am very happy with my new look and self!


I had lost 27kg however, because of the significant weight loss and changes that my body went through my breasts dropped several cup sizes and they were left feeling deflated and saggy. I could not be happier with the result!


I had always been one of those girls whose boobs you noticed. Not in a good way, but in the way that they were always there. This experience has given me the freedom and confidence to live my life without restriction.


I had a right mastectomy 38 years ago followed 3 years later with latissimus dorsi muscle flap and implant reconstruction… Early this year I had a MRI and found I had a ruptured implant it was leaking silicon, hard and very painful. My new breast is amazing it feels and looks like my other breast both in shape and size


Twelve months before when I had my left breast removed, it felt like a bad dream. How could this be happening to me? It cannot be happening to me. I was still very much in shock. I am absolutely thrilled with my results


I am one of the many invisible faces of breast cancer survivors. I am 47 year old personal trainer and have been in remission for 10 years. My body is absolutely beautiful.


I as diagnosed with Breast Cancer in September 2013… with a Bilateral Latissimus Dorsi Flap Breast Reconstruction with tissue expander/implant sequence in February 2015. The operation went very well this time and I am extremely pleased with the results!


Almost three years ago I contracted a life-threatening condition called necrotising fasciitis, commonly called the flesh eating disease… I required immediate lifesaving surgery to remove infected tissue and muscle… When I began to ask about possible reconstructive surgery I was told that any hope of significant improvement in the way I looked would necessitate major surgery involving among other things, cutting the latissimuss muscle, augmentation of my right breast and corresponding reduction of my left breast to achieve symmetry. I couldn't be happier now that I've come through the surgery.


Since the birth of my last child over twelve years ago I have been suffering chronic shoulder and back pain… I can now go to the local shops without being self conscious and I can wear a singlet top. I love my new life and feel so a lot happier and confident.


I am 56 year old and I have been very unhappy with my breasts, which have over this period become increasingly larger, heavier, saggy and generally unattractive. The result looks perfectly natural, a nice shape and proportion has been restored, and they are nicely lifted and the result is very nice and natural looking.


Since I was 16 years old I had been a DD cup size. However, my breasts NEVER stopped growing. Now I find myseIf standing up straight, I just do it without thinking, my clothes fit much better, I can run or jog without having to 'brace' my chest. A weight has been lifted off my shoulders, neck and back!


I have never really been large breasted, but since menopause 21 years ago my breasts seem to have grown out of proportion, with all the discomfort such as sore back, neck pain, headaches, rash under the breasts, not being able to run etc. I can not tell any one how happy I feel by having had this done, can not wait to go and "just" buy a pretty bra, being able to move around and not being top heavy anymore.


I have always been self conscious of my breasts and since the age of 18… I am more positive and my self esteem has sky rocketed


I had noticed my breasts were very different at a young age, and never felt feminine in tops or dresses, but only found out I had the condition called Tuberous Breast when I decided to have a breast augmentation for my wedding day. I am an active person and have purchased a gym & I wanted a natural feminine result which is exactly what I ended up with.


I am a 22 year old and ever since I went through puberty I have had asymmetrical tubular breasts. For many years I hoped that my breasts would even out, but unfortunately they never did… now I can honestly say that I am over the moon with the results of the surgery and a lot happier with how my body looks.


I had been considering a breast augmentation, lift and correction of my tuberous breasts for many years, although I was a confident person – I was not proud or comfortable with my breasts. Although I am still wearing the compression bra the confidence my new breasts have given me already is astounding, I can’t wait to buy new underwear and swimwear and wear with pride!


To correct my tuberous breast condition we decided on a combined breast augmentation lift surgery. I am now super happy



Radical abdominoplasty, bilateral flank lipectomy (muffin tops removed) and a breast reduction lift. Finally at 43 years of age I am confident in my body, healthy in my body and truly happy with how I look and feel.


It has been 6 weeks since I had my arm reduction surgery 18 months after my thigh reduction… absolutely fantastic results and has changed my life for the better once again!


Having successfully lost 50kg, I felt great except for my flappy arms and saggy breasts. I’m now more in tune with myself and more confident in how I look & feel.


Since having my children I had been considering Breast Reduction and Tummy Tuck surgery for some time. I am now back to health and feel amazing. I love shopping for clothes and am so very confident and happy.


I am 42 years old. I had a “Mummy Makeover” with a combined breast augmentation lift and tummy tuck… After having my beautiful son 20 years ago, I was left with loose skin and stretch marks on my stomach. My breasts size were 10E but I had lost most of the volume in the top of my breasts and without a bra my breasts looked empty and saggy due to breastfeeding. I have been bikini shopping and so excited for summer. It will be so good to not wear all of those horrible undergarments I have been wearing for 20 years!


After successfully losing over 40kgs and my weight being stable for a couple of years, I had added problems with the excess flabby skin on my thighs. It is now eighteen months since having this thigh reduction and my scar line is fantastic and my legs look better than I thought the outcome would be.


I had put on 24kgs with each of my two pregnancies and lost it all in a matter a weeks after the births. It left me with an ugly tummy with loose and wrinkled hanging skin. I was so amazed at my own photos as by what I had been by other people's I had seen online! Yes I did feel very pleased with the results. 8 weeks on I am still a bit swollen and the doubt about the scar still there but heaps better than my old sad tummy! I do love my new waist line!


After losing a massive 44kgs in weight I was left with loose and hanging skin on my stomach which I hated as it was a constant reminder of my “fat days”. I now feel confident and have no regrets whatsoever! I hope my story is an inspiration to others…


I never thought I would be writing this now…I was diagnosed with breast cancer in August 2010. I had a mastectomy on my right breast and a lumpectomy on my left breast. I was going to have a breast reconstruction and at the same time to have a tummy tuck! Not only do I feel “whole” again after all these years of breast cancer journey, I really feel a lot more feminine with a completely natural breast reconstruction while enjoying a new waist line from my “tummy tuck” procedure!


My name is Veronica and I recently had a Tummy Tuck procedure… This area has always been an issue for me and particularly so after having my two children. It’s always been a very big paranoia for me, often making me feel very down and depressed, not wanting to go out to shop for any clothes. After the procedure, I can honestly say I’ve never felt more happy with the way I look and feel.


My distended abdomen was persisting even after exercising for 2 years routinely at the gym. I was experiencing lower back pain and my posture was poor. I was so nervous and anxious. I never considered myself as the sort of person to seek out cosmetic type surgery and felt so self-conscious. I really like my new shape but more importantly my back pain has improved and posture is excellent.


I had a tummy tuck and breast surgery with another surgeon a few years ago and was most unhappy. I had a big bump still remaining on my stomach and my breasts were an abnormal shape with really horrible scarring. I was so happy with the result... I am now so very happy with the look of both my breasts and my tummy.



I have always had asymmetrical eyelids but as a child I wore glasses which hid the asymmetry. However, as I got older and started wearing contacts I was no longer able to hide it. I am now feeling great and absolutely loving my new look. I am amazed every time I look in the mirror!


I am 56 years old and like most women my age I am starting to notice various annoying signs of ageing. One thing I have noticed over the last few years is my eyes looking tired and droopy… I am extremely happy with the very natural looking result…


Like a lot of women at my age (54), I had signs of aging that I wasn’t happy with. I decided to look into the prospect of Plastic Surgery and made it my mission to find myself the best Plastic Surgeon I could. I ended up having a facelift and eyelid reduction surgery… given me exactly the outcome I wanted.


I had my first facelift in Sydney with a well-known and eminent plastic surgeon who is now retired. About fourteen years passed and time caught up with me.… revisional facelift and upper eyelid enhancement surgery… now when I look in the mirror my visage matches my expectations.


I’ve had an Upper Eyelid Enhancement Surgery and a “Liquid” Facelift… I’m so thrilled with the outcome of my “timely” facial rejuvenation I cannot be happier!


For 20 years I have been struggling to improve the appearance of my neck. I have tried numerous creams and lotions to improve the elasticity of my skin and nothing seemed to help. This was a huge decision for me but I am so glad I went through with it. The results… are natural and I feel refreshed and invigorated. It has been a truly transformational experience in my facial rejuvenation journey


from a young age I’ve had aspirations to be a professional dancer. In my early teenage years I began to notice my nose was changing and I didn’t like it, it was bent, had a bump on it, hooked over when I smiled, was too long for my face and was difficult to breathe from. I’m now studying at a performing arts school and am no longer self conscious about my looks. I’m now confident to wear my hair off my face, have photos taken, appear in advertisements, dance on stage, and anticipate auditions.


In July 2015, I noticed a small lump on the centre of my nose. The dermatologist took one look at my nose and said the lump has to come off as he was 99% sure it was a Basel Cell Carcinoma and it would probably end up with a defect which would require some forms of delicate reconstruction. It is now three weeks to my wedding and I’m really looking forward to it with my new nose!


I had bad breathing problems and had a deviated septum. I thought I might as well straighten my nose and had a real nose job. I also needed the operation done by my sister’s wedding. I had surgery in December 2014 and the wedding was in February 2015 and I looked awesome as the Maid of Honor with my new nose!


Everyone knows how it feels to be bullied, my entire life has consisted of harsh names and self confidence issues. Having an Italian background is great, however the hereditary looks can sometimes be a little more than you bargained for. This was for me and my nose. I am now nearly 2 months post op and I can honestly say I have never been so happy. Even in these early recovering stages I have noticed such a difference not only in my looks but also my self confidence.