Breast Reduction


Droopy and large breasts are one of the many issues that bring discomfort for many women. This can also cause a considerable amount of embarrassment and uneasiness for some women especially when embarking on sports or other physical activities. It may be awkward or painful for some who have large breasts to participate in some physical activities since the heaviness of the breasts will hinder them to perform better.

Psychological Issues Brought About by Large Breasts

Both mature and younger women psychologically suffer when they have this condition. For mature women, the thought of having uplifted breast once and then noticing them getting droopy over time may be very stressful which will affect their level of self-esteem. For younger generations, problems resulting from poor body image may hinder psychosocial development. One example scenario is when your large breasts are not in proportion with your weight and height. It may be very embarrassing for teenagers or young women to wear swimsuits or other clothing that will require an unwelcome attention to their large breasts.

The Scarless Breast Reduction or The Ultra Lift – Solution

As a means to recapture youthful breast contours or solve psychological issues with physical discomfort, most women now seek the solution of breast reduction or lift. Before, breast reduction surgery is done just to remove the excess weight or large breasts. Nowadays, patients are more aware about the procedure and have much higher expectations where the surgeon must see to it that the result of the procedure will be an optimal breast size and shape with minimal scars.

If you are looking for those type of perfect results, Zilver Lining can provide it for you. Dr. Ellis Choy, director and head surgeon of Zilver Lining, uses the latest advances in breast reduction techniques in delivering perfect surgical results. He ensures optimal balance of shape, size and symmetry so the patient can achieve ultimate breast harmony.

Breast Reduction 3D Animation