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Droopy and large breasts are one of the many issues that bring discomfort for many women. This can also cause a considerable amount of embarrassment and uneasiness for some women especially when embarking on sports or other physical activities. It may be awkward or painful for some who have large breasts to participate in some physical activities since the heaviness of the breasts will hinder them to perform better.

Psychological Issues Brought About by Large Breasts

Both mature and younger women psychologically suffer when they have this condition. For mature women, the thought of having uplifted breast once and then noticing them getting droopy over time may be very stressful which will affect their level of self-esteem. For younger generations, problems resulting from poor body image may hinder psychosocial development. One example scenario is when your large breasts are not in proportion with your weight and height. It may be very embarrassing for teenagers or young women to wear swimsuits or other clothing that will require an unwelcome attention to their large breasts.

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Physical Problems Associated with Overly Large Breasts

As well as the possible psychological problems with having large breasts, there is also a wide range of physical complaints which women may encounter. We have explored a few of the most common complaints below. If you are experiencing any of these, or any other problem caused by your large breasts, plastic surgery for breast reduction or restructuring of breast tissue may provide a solution. Get in touch with Dr Ellis Choy and his team to arrange a consultation.

Neck and Back Pain

Perhaps the most common long-term physical complaint reported by women with overly large breasts is neck and back pain. This is because of the additional strain placed on the neck and back due to the distribution of weight across the chest.

By reducing the size of your breasts, your plastic surgeon Dr Ellis Choy can significantly lighten the weight on your chest and thereby reduce the stress placed on these areas.

Shoulder Pain

Neck and shoulder pain is a common complaint from women with large, heavy breasts. While the shoulders do not appear to take as much strain as the neck or back, in fact, the additional weight can also be damaging to this area.

Undergoing cosmetic surgery for breast reduction can lessen this pain and give you a better range of movement in your arms. This will help you to complete daily tasks which your larger breasts may have inhibited in the past.

Difficulty in Exercising

Excessively large and heavy breast may impact on your range of movement, but can also cause serious problems for women with who wish to exercise. The additional weight, accompanied by the movement of the breasts may make exercising very difficult.

Even more mundane aspects of exercise may be affected, such as finding the right workout clothes or sports bras. Large breasted women frequently find it difficult to find clothing which they feel comfortable in, when exercising, further dissuading them from the active life they long to have.

As we know, exercise is necessary for a fit and healthy life, and can also be the catalyst to avoid any severe health problems which generally come with long periods of inactivity. Breast reduction cosmetic surgery is the key to unlock the benefits of exercise.

Chafing, Rashes and Skin Irritation

Larger breasts are much more likely to sag or droop than smaller breasts, simply due to their relative weight and size. This causes areas of moist skin beneath the breasts, which can cause skin irritations and other complaints. The repeated movement of the breasts against the skin of the abdomen can also cause chafing.

Resizing and restructuring the breasts will help to eliminate this by removing much of the weight and mass of the breasts, and any sagging or drooping.

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What to Expect After a Breast Reduction Surgical Procedure

When the breast reduction plastic surgery is complete, your plastic surgeon Dr Ellis Choy or a member of his team will provide you with an outpatient consultation.

As every case is different – and breast reduction procedures are carried out to different extents and on different levels – it is difficult to say exactly what you will experience. However, the outpatient session will give you all the answers you need.

In most cases, you can expect some soreness and discomfort immediately after the surgical procedure and for some time. There may also be some loss of sensation in the nipples or in the breast tissue after the procedure, and this loss of sensation may be long-term or even permanent in some cases.

To learn more about the results we can achieve, click here to take a look at before and after photos of our breast reduction procedure work.

To book an appointment, or to get more details on the cost of breast reduction or any other aspect of the procedure, get in touch with our team today.