Breast Revision


Breast implant surgery has become commonplace in today's world, for many reasons. Apart from looking great when situated properly, breast implants are known to help restore positive body-image, increase overall appeal, and assist with full breast restoration after childbirth. However, as with any surgical procedure there may be complications for some patients. There may also be occasions where the results don't satisfy initial hopes. And then there is natural trajectory, as the weight of breasts ultimately leads to sagging. Fortunately, the shape and size of breasts can be altered by breast revision surgery, often involving breast implant replacement.

Surgical techniques and materials have been greatly refined over the years, resulting in more patient satisfaction and the demise of many charlatan practitioners. However, prospective patients should also understand that breast implants, although supportive and strong, will not last forever and breast revision surgery will possibly need to be performed at some stage. Some scenarios that require breast revision surgery include:

  • Increase or decrease breast size
  • Implants that have ruptured or deflated
  • Malpositioned implants that appear unnatural
  • Issues with scar tissue
  • Breast tissue drooping
  • Rippling or wrinkling
  • Malpositioned nipples

Additionally, although it's natural to want to stand out in a crowd, there can be drawbacks associated with larger implants, including the influence of gravity and weight that will, over time, alter the breast size and shape.

Breast revision surgery consultation

Patients of Dr Ellis Choy can expect to be treated with a confidential and caring approach. Dr Choy understands the importance of communication, and the consultation is an opportunity to establish your surgical goals. He may also offer additional or alternative treatments in some situations. The importance of a consultation with an expert, like Dr Choy, cannot be understated, as there are many factors that should be considered prior to breast implant replacement surgery, including:

  • Shape and size of your breasts
  • Shape and size you desire
  • Your current breast implant type
  • Skin and breast tissue quality
  • Suitable placement of nipples and areolas

In situations where your breasts are sagging, you may be advised to undergo a breast lift as part of your breast revision surgery. It's important during consultation to provide Dr Choy with your medical history, including allergies, ongoing medications, previous surgeries, mammogram results and family history. The consultation will assist you in making important decisions:

  • Saline or silicone implants
  • The implant shape and feel: smooth, textured, tear-drop or round
  • Utilising the previous implant scar, or creating an alternative one
  • Implant placement: above or below the muscle or positioned in a neosubpectoral pocket

Once Dr Choy fully understands your circumstances and your desires, he will be able to accurately determine the surgery cost.

Preparing for breast revision surgery

Dr Choy will be there for you all the way during consultation, surgery and recovery, but there are several ways you can assist in the operation's ultimate success. Aspirin and some anti-inflammatory drugs can increase the potential for bleeding, and may need to be halted for a time. If you smoke, stop smoking for around six weeks prior to surgery to promote healing, and also reduce alcohol consumption during this time. It's also important to remain hydrated before and after the operation – this will aid recovery. Make sure you have a family member or friend available to drive you home after the operation. It's ideal if they stay with you for a couple of days during recovery.

Breast revision surgery recovery

Due to the nature of the operation, your movements will initially be quite restrictive. Speaker-phones, remote controls, entertainments, magazines and foodstuffs should all be positioned for easy accessibility. Everything should be situated at counter level, avoiding the need to reach too high or low. You will need to sleep on your back in an inclined position for the first stage of recovery until swelling subsides. Soft, comfortable and easily worn clothing and footwear is also highly advisable.

Although breast revision surgery can seem quite daunting, Dr Choy usually performs the operation as an outpatient procedure, and you will return home the same day. Recovery begins immediately, and the few weeks away from regular work and activities will be worth the inconvenience, especially when you attain greater self-confidence and the admiration of family, friends and acquaintances.