Breast implant removal: What are my options after my old implant is explanted?


While the lifespan of breast implants frequently exceeds ten years and often longer, there is no medical device that is designed to have an indefinite lifespan. Regular check-ups are always recommended to ensure continued patient safety and satisfaction after their augmentation surgery. Patients who experience no issues with their implants, maintain good health and remain happy with the look and feel of their results may not need to take any action. However, women who wish to rejuvenate the appearance or their breasts, or who experience medical concerns or changes in lifestyle, may wish to replace or remove their old implants. In this case, breast implant explantation surgery is required. As Sydney’s leading explantation expert, Dr Ellis Choy has performed this procedure to guide many women toward a healthier condition and a refined aesthetic result.

What is an Implant Explantation?

Implant explantation is a complex surgery designed to safely remove old breast implants and in many cases treat any scar tissue may have formed around it in the breast pocket. Some patients combine this procedure with implant replacement, repositioning or resizing, while others undergo a fat transfer to replace some of the lost volume for a more subtle and natural contour. Alternatively, those seeking permanent removal may opt for a breast lift or reshaping to achieve a perkier or rounder natural look.

In an in-person consultation, Dr Choy will work with you to determine the most suitable approach to explantation and the best way to preserve your desired appearance. Drawing on extensive experience and unparalleled artistry, Dr Choy aims to remove implants while maintaining a beautiful contour that is aesthetically tailored to your physique.

Commons Reasons for Implant Removal

There are several reasons women may consider implant removal. If you are concerned about the health of your implants or are considering revision surgery, a qualified specialist plastic surgeon like Dr Choy can help you determine whether explantation is necessary. Some of the most common reasons for this treatment include:

  • Capsular contracture (formation of scar tissue) around implants
  • Infection in the breast pocket
  • Implant rupture of failure
  • Dissatisfaction with the look of current implants
  • Breast revision, lift or reshaping surgery
  • Breast cancer
  • Concerns about breast implant illness
  • Implants require repositioning
  • Changes in lifestyle or personal choice

The Implant Removal Procedure

The implant explantation procedure will depend primarily on your condition and what you are hoping to resolve or achieve with your treatment. For those seeking to replace or reposition implants, the surgery will be relatively similar but slightly more involved than the primary augmentation, as any issues with breast tissue that are discovered after implant removal must be corrected before the insertion of new implants. Dr Choy takes meticulous care when completing this holistic process to ensure a safe procedure with the best possible outcome.

Alternatively, some women wish to permanently remove their implants. In this case, to help these patients achieve the most aesthetically pleasing outcome possible, Dr Choy may recommend a breast lift or reshaping, as the breast tissue and surrounding skin will have stretched to accommodate the implant. During this procedure, Dr Choy will remove any excess breast skin to reduce sagging and will tighten the tissue to provide better support. In some cases, he will also resize the areolae to complement the new shape and size of your breasts.

Dr Choy is highly experienced in treating medical concerns that have resulted from breast implants. In more complex cases where capsular contracture or infection has occurred in the breast, Dr Choy will remove hardened capsules or breast tissue to accelerate the healing process and repair breast health. As a member of the Australian Breast Device Registry, he is committed to ensuring your safety and strives to balance your restorative and cosmetic needs to provide a healthy and beautiful aesthetic result.

Treatment Options for Post-Explantation

Patients who opt to have their implants removed have various treatment options available post-explantation. If you are unsure about which procedure is most suitable for you, Dr Choy will take the time to understand your reasons for treatment and will identify the best method for resolving your concerns and meeting your expectations.

Implant Replacement

Implant replacement is suitable for those seeking to resize their breasts or replace their current implants. This is a common option for those who have experienced weight fluctuations or changes in personal choice that necessitate replacement. During your consultation, Dr Choy will re-examine your condition and work with you to determine the implant size, shape and material that best suits your current frame and desires. Based on your aesthetic goals, he will personalise your replacement procedure to ensure a safe and successful outcome that maintains your health and complements your physique.

Fat Transfer

A fat transfer is an excellent method for restoring some of the volume and fullness that is lost after implant removal. Explantation combined with a fat transfer will involve using fat from another area of the body (often the abdomen or thighs), purifying the fat cells, then strategically injecting them into the breasts to increase volume. Due to the nature of the fat transfer procedure, this treatment is only suitable for patients who are happy with going approximately a half to full cup size above their original breast size. While the result may be slightly smaller than before, once the body has absorbed some of the fat, the remaining fat cells that survive will provide permanent enhancement so long as a stable weight is maintained post-procedure.

Breast Lift or Reshaping

Implant explantation will generally bring the breast back to its original size. However, as the skin and surrounding tissue have stretched over time to accommodate the implant, the removal procedure may reveal slight sagging or droopiness in the breast, which will affect the shape and may leave a deflated appearance. To maintain perkiness and projection, it is often beneficial to combine a full explantation without replacement with a breast lift or reshaping procedure. This combination is becoming increasingly popular, as it not only eliminates concerns but also restores an attractive and symmetrical contour to the breasts.

Why Choose Dr Choy for Implant Removal

As one of Sydney’s premier surgeons, Dr Choy is highly recognised for his innate talent and artistic ability. Beyond his impressive credentials and experience, he is committed to the cosmetic journey of all his patients and constantly strives to ensure safe, beautiful and highly rewarding results. Dr Choy’s empathetic nature and unparalleled surgical skills make him the top choice for women in and around Sydney seeking implant explantation. If you are considering implant removal, are concerned about your breast implants or would merely like to refine your look, call Dr Ellis Choy’s practice on (02) 8692 9388 or complete an enquiry form to schedule your consultation.