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Does Insurance Cover Post-Pregnancy Body Contouring Surgery?

For many women, pregnancy changes the body in ways that diet and exercise alone cannot fully reverse. If you are looking for other ways to address these changes, you may be considering post-pregnancy body contouring surgery. But will your insurance cover the costs?
It is only natural to want to look into all of your ...
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What Are My Post-Pregnancy Body Contouring Procedure Options?

Post-pregnancy body contouring is a combination of surgeries designed to reshape a woman’s body after pregnancy and childbirth. Although each person’s bundle of procedures is unique, post-pregnancy body contouring typically consist of procedures that focus on the breasts and abdomen, as these areas are heavily impacted by pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding.
During your consultation, Dr Choy ...
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Does Breastfeeding Affect Your Breast Implants?

Having children changes everything. From your body to your daily routine, there is no facet of your life left untouched by parenthood.
Some of the most physically impactful changes occur in your breasts. If you have had a breast augmentation, you may wonder if those changes will affect the results of your procedure or the ...
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Difference Between Breast Lift and Breast Reduction

Women who wish to change the appearance of their breasts have an array of surgical procedures to choose from. Breast lift and breast reduction are two of the most popular options for women seeking to refine the size, shape or position of their breasts. Although there are some similarities between these procedures, there are key ...
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Am I Too Old for Post-Pregnancy Body Contouring Surgery?

From enlarged or deflated breasts to separated abdominal muscles and fat accumulation, the female body can go through many changes during and after pregnancy.
Post-pregnancy body contouring combines different treatments to address multiple areas of the body that have been affected by pregnancy or childbirth. Sydney Specialist Plastic Surgeon Dr Ellis Choy personalises each procedure ...
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Breast Lift with Implants

In my experience, many women choose a breast lift with implants to enhance the shape, volume and position of their breasts. This procedure is designed achieve a fuller, perkier shape. It increases the breast size and creates a balanced proportion by tightening the breast skin envelope.

Discussing Your Breast Lift Procedure
For this procedure, ...
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