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Breast Augmentation Recommendations For Petite Women

If you have a petite frame, you may be wondering whether breast augmentation is appropriate for you. Breast augmentation is an option for any body type, whether you’re short, tall, voluptuous or slim. The key to getting the type of result you want is making wise choices about your surgery.
Breast augmentation with Dr Ellis ...
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Suitable Implant Options For Asian Breast Augmentation

As with any aesthetic surgery, breast augmentation must be tailored to each patient’s preferences and her overall body contour. Although Asian women’s bodies come in all shapes and sizes, there are certain common characteristics that influence the surgical approach for Asian breast augmentation.
As one of Sydney’s leading specialist plastic surgeons, Dr. Ellis Choy is ...
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Breast Implants VS Breast Fat Transfer: Which Procedure is Better?

Breast augmentation with implants is a time-tested approach that has been refined by plastic surgeons over decades. Fat transfer, also called fat grafting, is a more recent innovation that allows unwanted fat to be gathered from another part of the body using liposuction and injected into the breasts. Both techniques can produce beautiful, long-lasting results for the right patient. So which one is right for you?
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Am I Too Skinny for Fat Transfer Surgery?

The field of cosmetic enhancement is continuously evolving, and fat grafting surgery has become more common. This technique can be used for aesthetic enhancement of both the face and breasts using only material from the patient’s own body. As a highly customisable procedure, fat transfer surgery entails specific requirements from patients, with many raising the question: Am ...
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