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FAQ: Deep Plane Facelifts and Fat Graft Facelifts

As we age, our face and neck go through changes. The first signs of ageing are often seen in a loss of fullness (volume) in the face. Our “baby fat” disappears, giving our face a slimmer profile and more defined contours. 
As the ageing process continues, we lose more volume, and the structural integrity of ...
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Breast implant removal: What are my options after my old implant is explanted?

While the lifespan of breast implants may be years, there is no medical device that is designed to have an indefinite lifespan. Regular check-ups are always recommended to ensure continued patient safety after their augmentation surgery.
Patients who experience no issues with their implants, maintain good health and remain happy with the look and feel ...
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Smoking and elective surgery

Dr Choy explains to Plastic Surgery Forum the top 3 reasons he refuses to perform elective Cosmetic or Plastic Surgery on patients who smoke.
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Getting to know your surgeon: Q&A with Dr Choy

As part of their ‘getting to know your surgeon’ series, Plastic Surgery Forum sat down with Dr Ellis Choy for a Q&A.
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Top 3 dangers of medical tourism

The cosmetic surgery industry has experienced a surge in medical tourism to countries like India, Thailand, China, Mexico, Latin America, the Caribbean, Singapore, the Middle East and Pakistan. The temptation to travel to a tropical destination for an elective surgery lures patients who believe they’ll enjoy a grand holiday and return home with a fabulous new look.
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