Breast Implant Revision Surgery

Over the years, I’ve performed numerous breast implant revision surgeries to help women get the contour and size they had originally expected when they first made the decision to have their breasts enhanced. While everyone wants their post-op appearance to meet or exceed expectations, even if you had your procedure performed by a highly experienced plastic surgeon, your breasts may not look and feel exactly as you had envisioned – or they may simply no longer sustain that full, youthful aesthetic. Over time, the weight of breasts will ultimately lead to sagging.

Whether your concern with your implants is because of complications during the initial procedure, natural sagging due to gravity and time, or simply expectations that have not been met, in most cases I can help you get the results you had hoped for with a breast implant revision surgery.

Discussing Your Breast Implant Revision Procedure

When a new patient comes to me to discuss a revisional surgery, I understand there is some anxiety involved. It can be disappointing to have gone through a breast enhancement surgery, only to be unhappy with the results. It is also difficult to accept that the perky, fuller shape that you had post-op some time ago has begun to wane.

Of course, you want your revision to go as well as possible. Rest assured, I’ll take the time to listen to your concerns. Together we can come up with the ideal procedure to meet your needs and expectations, whether you simply want your implants removed, replaced, a breast lift procedure or a more complex augmentation.

We’ll sit down and discuss your vision, as well as what is possible depending on your body and health. To achieve an optimal balance with size, shape and symmetry from a revisional procedure, various breast, skin and implant factors will need to be carefully considered.

From my experience, it is your native breast dimensions and nipple position that will almost certainly dictate your personal desire. This is also what I consider in order to determine if a breast lift is necessary during the revision. For example, in “low-breasted” women, or if the nipple position lies at or below the inframammary fold, a breast lift will help to elevate the residual breast tissue and the nipple areolar to a higher position, yielding an elegant look.

I often recommend to my patients who have the right quantity and quality of breast skin to consider a breast lift to tighten the overlaying breast skin envelope. This creates a firmer, perkier look.

Whether you will replace your current implants or not is a big decision. Breast implant removal or replacement with a breast lift procedure can be a complex surgery. Naturally, the bigger the implants you currently have and the longer you’ve had them, the more they may have stretched your skin, resulting in sagging skin or even a drooping appearance. A breast lift can solve this aesthetic issue, while implants may be required depending on your circumstances and preferences. A lot of factors go into this decision, including the lifespan of your implants, what type they are and any functional or aesthetic complications.

Recovery Timeline after a Breast Implant Revision

I find that a patient’s recovery time will vary based on how complex the revisional procedure was, as well as the body’s tolerance to anaesthesia and surgery. It is feasible to expect a straightforward implant explantation to be a simple, one-day procedure that will require minimal downtime. I do ask all my patients to keep in mind the psychological impact of going through surgery and to allow time to adapt to life without breast implants. If you undergo a breast lift or have new implants put in, naturally you may expect a longer recovery period to allow for healing.

In my experience as a Plastic Surgeon, I’ve found that no two patients experience the same level of pain. I do recommend, even if you feel well in the weeks after your surgery, to avoid heavy lifting and to take it easy both mentally and physically as this will encourage a healthy healing process. All my patients receive specific instructions for their post-operative care based on each individual’s unique circumstances.

Possible Complications with a Revisional Surgery

I always take the time to explain to my patients all the potential risks involved with breast implant revisional surgery. For example, with a breast lift during a revision, there may be the appearance of extra surgical scars on the breast mounds. As with any breast augmentation, there is also the risk of changes to the look and sensation of the nipple and breast.

Also, it’s important to keep in mind that even with a revisional procedure, you may still require more cosmetic work in the future. Therefore, I tell all my patients to come in once a year, so I can check on their overall health and aesthetic look. While implants can last for a long time, it is reasonable to expect that you’d want some type of revisional work about 10 to 15 years after the first breast implant surgery. Once the revisional work is done, I can compare your before and after photos to get a clearer idea of when you may expect to have further work done.

In cases of sagging breasts or shape changes due to ageing, I have found that a breast implant revision surgery offers similar advantages to the first surgery, leaving women with renewed confidence and a heightened sense of feminine grace and beauty that breast augmentation offers. For those who were disappointed with the results of their first procedure, revisional work can give that much-needed relief and awareness that you can still achieve the gorgeous look that you had always wanted. Find out more about whether you would be a good candidate for a breast implant revision and discover how much better you can feel when finally you get the elegant, youthful aesthetic outcome you desire.