Breast Reduction Recovery Tips


While some women are concerned that their breasts are too small, others struggle with the opposite issue. Breasts that are disproportionately large and heavy can present numerous physical and emotional challenges. You may find yourself avoiding certain activities or styles of clothing because they are uncomfortable and draw too much attention to your bust. You may also suffer from chronic pain in your back and neck, skin irritation due to excessive friction underneath your breasts or deep indentations in your shoulders from overburdened bra straps.

For many women, the physical strain of big breasts is nothing compared to the emotional distress. You may worry that you won’t be taken seriously in professional situations or that others are so focused on that feature that they fail to see the rest of your looks or personality. Large breasts can lead to crippling self-consciousness and social withdrawal that dramatically reduce your quality of life.

By reshaping your breasts into a more balanced profile, breast reduction surgery can enrich your lifestyle and restore faith in your beauty. The transformation is liberating — but first comes recovery. Knowing what to expect after your procedure can help you feel more comfortable, both emotionally and physically. As one of the most esteemed plastic surgeons in Sydney, Dr Choy provides all his patients with comprehensive postoperative instructions that are designed to make recovery as calm and comfortable as possible.

Gather a Support System

Breast reduction is a major surgery and rest is essential for recovery. No matter how independent you normally are, it’s important to have both physical assistance and emotional support after your procedure. You’ll want to arrange for a trusted friend, family member or partner to help you get home and assist you with things like lifting, childcare and household chores during the initial stages of healing. You may also find that it is helpful to have assistance getting dressed and caring for your incision sites.

Pay Close Attention to Your Aftercare Instructions

Soreness and discomfort are part of recovery from any surgical procedure. Your postoperative instructions from Dr Choy will include medications to manage pain and reduce the risk of infection. Take these as directed and be sure to finish the course. Dr Choy will also explain how to care for your incisions, dressings and drainage tubes. Be diligent in following these instructions and do not be afraid to contact Dr Choy if you feel there is anything wrong.

Give Your Body Time to Rest

You may be anxious to get back to normal and excited to debut your new figure, but it’s vital that you give your body sufficient time to heal. For the average patient, this means approximately two weeks off work for a desk job and two to four weeks off work for an active job. Exercise should be avoided completely for two weeks to minimise complications. Ease back into your fitness regime gradually — if healing is on track, you may be able to resume gentle lower body exercise at two to four weeks, followed by chest exercises at approximately six weeks. Breast size stabilises around six weeks and at this point patients can resume most normal activities.

Your specific breast reduction recovery timeline will depend on a variety of factors, including your age, any background medical conditions, the magnitude of your surgery, in relation to how much tissue is removed, your adherence to your postsurgical instructions, and your goals and expectations. Bathe and Sleep With Care You will need to modify some of your routine activities at first. Dr Choy uses waterproof dressings that allow patients to shower right away, but you should avoid aiming water directly at your incisions. Shower from the waist down for the first week (a handheld showerhead can help with this). After seven to 10 days, your dressings will be changed to a breathable micropore tape and you will be able to shower freely.

Your resting positions should also be adjusted. Keep your upper body elevated while sleeping or relaxing to help minimise swelling. Dr Choy often recommends sleeping on your back with two to three pillows under your head for the first week, then taking one pillow off each week as you heal. It’s best to avoid sleeping on your stomach so you do not put pressure on the breast area.

Wear Your Support Garment as Directed

One custom-designed compressive surgical bra is included in your breast reduction surgery package with Dr Choy. Wear it 24/7 for at least six weeks to minimise swelling and protect the area from any impact or damage. After the first six weeks have passed, you may continue wearing the support garment in the evenings only for up to six more weeks if it makes you more comfortable. Wait until Dr Choy gives you clearance before you switch from wireless bras to underwire bras.

Be Patient With Your Scars

Scarring is an inevitable part of any breast reduction surgery. Know that your incision lines may look worse before they look better, but they will improve with time. Scars take 12 to 18 months to reach full maturity, at which point they will have faded from a conspicuous red or pink to a more subtle white or skin-like shade. There is nothing that can erase scars completely. However, there are steps you can take to ensure they heal as well as possible, such as being vigilant in wound care to avoid infection, massaging your scars with Bio-Oil or a vitamin E cream, and applying a silicone scar gel. Rediscover Your Freedom and Love Your Reflection Patients who prepare for their breast reduction recovery period are more likely to recuperate swiftly and with minimal complications. Though discomfort is part of the healing process, it is far exceeded by the immense relief patients feel. Breast reduction alleviates the physical strain that many patients have struggled with their entire lives, and lifts the psychological burdens of self- consciousness and social anxiety. Few procedures are as transformative and rewarding, for patient and surgeon alike, than breast reduction.

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