Suitable Implant Options For Asian Breast Augmentation


Breast augmentation is a popular cosmetic procedure among Asian women who want to enhance their feminine proportions. As with any aesthetic surgery, breast augmentation must be tailored to suit each patient’s goals and complement her overall body contour. Although Asian women’s bodies come in all shapes and sizes, there are certain common characteristics that influence the ideal surgical approach for Asian breast augmentation.

As one of Sydney’s leading specialist plastic surgeons, Dr. Ellis Choy is well-versed in the special considerations that apply to breast augmentation procedures for Asian patients. His philosophy combines an understanding of the unique features of Asian anatomy with an appreciation for the aesthetic preferences of Asian patients. The balance of these two factors ultimately determines his surgical approach.

Understanding Asian Anatomy

Asian women tend to be slimmer and shorter with a low body mass index compared to women of many other ethnicities. They have petite frames and, typically, petite breasts to match. Their nipple-areola complex is more pigmented, with a sharper demarcation between the areola and the surrounding skin. Many Asian women have a disproportionately large nipple compared to their existing breast and areola size. These patients often desire nipple reduction and areola reshaping during their augmentation procedure.

Tissue characteristics are an extremely important consideration in Asian breast augmentation. Asian women tend to have less volume in the breast mound, and may lack any natural shape or volume of their own. Asian skin tends to be thicker and tighter throughout the body. This means that the breast tissue is not as stretchy, but it is more resilient and makes for more durable breast augmentation results. Asian skin is also more prone to developing keloid scars. Dr. Choy utilises a variety of techniques to minimise visible scarring and achieve discreet, beautiful results.

Understanding Asian Aesthetic Preferences

Having worked with many Asian patients over the years, Dr. Choy has observed several shared aesthetic preferences that are common in this demographic. In his experience, Asian women tend to favor natural-looking results. They are generally not interested in being very big, but want to improve the proportions between the nipple and the breast and between the breasts and the body. Before considering surgery, many used padded bras and swimsuits to hide large nipples and create more breast shape.

Scarring is a major concern for many Asian patients. Although they are physically more prone to keloid and hypertrophic scars, they are often more averse to scars for aesthetic reasons than patients of other ethnicities. Asian patients make up a significant portion of Dr. Choy’s breast fat grafting patients because there is no scarring around the breasts involved in that technique.

How Anatomy and Aesthetics Determine the Procedure

The consultation for any breast augmentation procedure is a critical part of the process. During this initial appointment, Dr. Choy explains the options available for breast implants and the different surgical techniques that can be used. Asian patients who desire a feminine, yet subtle, approach to breast augmentation often benefit from the following:

Teardrop Implants

Teardrop implants retain their shape and position better due to the cohesive gel filling. For Asian patients who are flat-chested, these implants are ideal for creating shape and volume when there is little or none to begin with. Patients who have some existing shape and volume may achieve a good result with round implants.

Moderate Volume

Asian patients are often an A or B cup with a narrow rib cage and a narrow chest. To maintain natural and flattering proportions, Asian patients usually opt for smaller implants that are not too conspicuous on their figure. A dramatic increase in cup size could make the breasts disproportionally large compared to the rest of the body.

Dual-Plane Approach

The dual-plane technique, in which the implant is placed partially under the pectoralis major muscle, is often the preferred choice for Asian breast augmentation patients. This approach covers the implant and softens the transition between the implant and the breast tissue, which creates a more natural outcome.

Scar Minimisation Technique

Given that Asian patients are more likely to develop unfavorable scarring, Dr. Choy uses a specialised scar minimisation incision technique when performing Asian breast augmentation. Appropriate postoperative care is also important. Asian patients receive extra scar management advice to ensure they receive a satisfying result.

Breast Augmentation Without Implants

Breast fat grafting is an appealing option for many Asian patients. The procedure is less invasive than traditional implant augmentation and 100% organic — the only material used for additional volume is the patient’s own fat. Not only does this create the most natural-looking and natural-feeling result, there is virtually no scarring and the liposuction provides additional body contouring benefits. Breast fat grafting can be done by itself or in a hybrid approach alongside a small implant to improve cleavage, soften the lower pole and improve dimensions.

Schedule Your Asian Breast Augmentation Consultation With Dr. Ellis Choy

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