What is the Best Age to Have Breast Reduction Surgery?

breast reduction surgery patientThe breasts are integral to your appearance and femininity. What is often overlooked, however, is their importance to your confidence and comfort. Sadly, countless women experience embarrassment and discomfort every day due to droopy, heavy or large breasts that are disproportionate to their body. Not only can this make physical activity difficult, but it can also cause emotional and psychological harm. For both younger and older women, breasts that are sagging or overly large can make daily activities more painful and uncomfortable than they should be. This issue affects women of all ages and stages of life, and breast reduction surgery continues to be the most effective solution.

We recommend that patients are at least 18 years old before pursuing breast reduction surgery, as breast development can continue even into your early 20s. There is also no fixed upper limit on age for a breast reduction, so long as the patient is healthy and able to undergo surgery. While there is no set “best age” for breast reduction surgery, many of our patients who have undergone this procedure tell us they wished they had done it sooner. So, when is the best time for a breast reduction? Here’s some things you should consider if you’re on the fence about surgery:

When Everyday Tasks Become Difficult

Do you avoid exercise because of heavy, pendulous breasts? Are you sitting on the sidelines when your kids or friends play sport? Are you missing out on special moments?

Overly large breasts can cause significant strain on the back, neck and shoulders. Many women also experience chafing, rashes or skin irritation in the area. The resulting pain or discomfort can make simple daily tasks seem onerous, causing many women to feel unmotivated and unwilling to go about regular or more involved activity. The breasts are intrinsic to your body; they can produce milk for your newborn and compliment your feminine physique, but they should not diminish your physical ability, fitness goals or your quality of life.

A breast reduction is a highly advanced surgical procedure designed to remove excess skin and fat from the breast and create a slimmer, shapely contour. This treatment can not only enhance your figure, but it can also improve your comfort, minimise pain and expand your physical capacity. A breast reduction can motivate you to enjoy activities and social events, taking you off the sidelines and back into life.

When You Feel Self-Conscious

Do you limit your clothing options because of large, disproportionate breasts? Do you feel embarrassed or awkward in the presence of others? Do roaming eyes make you feel uneasy?

While some women prefer to flaunt their femininity, those with disproportionate breasts would usually cringe at the thought. Whether in your teenage years or adulthood, having breasts that are too big for your body can adversely affect your mentality. In fact, many women experience social withdrawal and a lack of self-esteem as a result.

A primary benefit of breast reduction surgery is its ability to improve your self-confidence. Patients who have undergone this treatment not only feel more comfortable about their body, but they are also more inclined to participate in social situations. A breast reduction aims to free you of concern and self-consciousness and help you regain faith in your beauty, encouraging you to embrace a self-assured and optimistic perspective that enriches your quality of life.

Even When You Plan to Breastfeed

Are you interested in experiencing the benefits of a breast reduction but are worried about breastfeeding? Are you putting off your consultation for this reason?

Dr Ellis Choy is exceptionally talented in performing breast surgery. His skill and experience, combined with his unparalleled artistry, allows him to complete breast procedures according to each patient’s cosmetic and functional goals.

Dr Choy understands that breastfeeding is an essential part of early parenthood. If one day, you hope to breastfeed your own child, it is crucial that you discuss this with Dr Choy. In your consultation, he will design a detailed plan and ensure you are fully informed of the results he can and cannot achieve with respect to your wishes. As with every procedure, he will take every measure to accommodate both your aesthetic desires and aspirations.

When You’re Ready to Restore Balance to Your Body

There is no set “ideal” time to undergo breast reduction surgery – what matters is whether it might be the right decision for you. If you want to resolve any emotional and physical issues you are experiencing from excessively large breasts, you can turn to surgery for help. A breast reduction can provide transformative benefits for patients who are unhappy with the size, shape and appearance of their breasts. Dr Ellis Choy has performed this procedure to help countless women achieve a balanced, well-defined and more proportional frame. In fact, he has worked with many women who have experienced the benefits and wished they had undergone surgery earlier in life.

Whether your breasts are hindering physical activity or making you feel self-conscious about your appearance, a breast reduction can restore balance to your body and your life. From adolescence through to adulthood and beyond, this treatment is suitable for any woman struggling to maintain an active lifestyle or healthy emotional wellbeing due to heavy, uncomfortable or disproportionate breasts. In breast reduction surgery, Dr Choy can contour the breasts in harmony with your unique frame and natural curves, creating a profile that compliments, rather than diminishes, your appearance.

Dr Ellis Choy is highly recognised for his work and experience in breast surgery. Beyond his remarkable accreditation, he is passionate about helping patients rediscover their most confident and beautiful self. Developing strong relationships with his patients, he designs individualised treatment plans to create personalised and fulfilling results. If you would like to learn more about breast reduction surgery, contact our clinic in Northbridge, Sydney NSW at 02 8962 9388 to schedule a consultation. Find out how we can restore balance to your body.