What is the Cost of Breast Reduction in Sydney?

breast reduction patientThe breasts are intrinsic to our femininity. Their shape, size and condition all contribute to our sense of inner beauty: how we feel about our body, how comfortable we are, and how the chest fits in harmony with our whole figure and appearance. Unfortunately, many women experience discomfort because of large, droopy or sagging breasts, which may cause uneasiness, physical strain, embarrassment and difficulty engaging in physical activity. Breast reduction surgery seeks to correct these symptoms and encourages patients to rediscover their sense of inner beauty.

Expert surgeon Dr Ellis Choy invites you to his warm, welcoming clinic to acknowledge and ultimately overcome your concerns. Along with his team of dedicated specialists, Dr Choy strives to create a friendly and refreshing environment where you can feel comfortable to discuss the motivations, expectations and aesthetic goals of your procedure. He performs breast reduction surgery in careful consideration of your needs before creating a result that can free your body of excess weight and ultimately broaden your lifestyle opportunities.

What is a Breast Reduction?

Breast reduction surgery is a highly personal and customisable treatment. As a commonly sought option for women across Australia, this treatment helps to redefine the breasts to produce a well-proportioned, shapelier upper body. The surgery helps to minimise pain, aching or discomfort in the area by removing excess breast tissue and contouring them for a naturally perkier aesthetic.

During the procedure, Dr Choy will perform each step following his detailed and elaborate treatment plan. He will remove any unnecessary tissue, glandular fat or excess skin from the area to free your body of excess weight, before shaping and proportioning the breasts to fit in harmony with your figure. Generally, the nipples and areolae will remain attached, and liposuction may be considered to achieve a more significant effect. In a consultation before your procedure, Dr Choy will determine the tools necessary to complete your treatment and will discuss with you the specific measures he will take to achieve your goals.

What are the Costs Involved?

The cost of your breast reduction surgery will depend on the extent of surgery required, the complexity of your procedure and the tools necessary to achieve your desired result. In your consultation, Dr Choy will take time to examine these measures – also accounting for the surgeon, facility and anaesthetist fees – to give you an idea of the expected cost.

Dr Choy is a highly practised and educated surgeon with a passion for helping others. He is driven by the aim to help patients live their best, most confident life. If you are concerned about the costs involved in your procedure, Dr Choy will be happy to discuss an affordable instalment plan that can make your breast reduction surgery a reality. Patients are advised to consider recovery time and loss of income, however, and should evaluate the possibility of entering into an ill-advised debt burden.

Will My Health Insurance Cover the Cost?

When considering breast reduction surgery, Dr Choy advises that you consult with your health fund provider to determine the extent of coverage. Some health insurers will cover the cost of the operation if your doctor deems it medically necessary to maintain your health – for instance, if you are suffering severe back or neck pain.

Dr Choy recommends that patients assess the degree of this coverage, as some insurance providers will only cover procedures that remove a certain volume of breast tissue, a metric that may not leave you with an aesthetically pleasing result. Dr Choy recognises the discomfort and pain you may have already suffered due to pendulous breasts. His objective is to not only free you of excess weight but to remind you of your most vibrant and confident self by contouring your breasts and refining your upper body. Beyond delivering exceptional surgical outcomes, Dr Choy is passionate about providing his patients with the means to live their best, most comfortable life. If you have any concerns about the cost of this procedure, we invite you to get in contact with us so we can do our best to work out a solution with you.

The Patient Experience

Dr Choy is a renowned specialist in plastic and cosmetic surgery. His advanced surgical procedures and state-of-the-art techniques render his clinic one of Sydney’s premier plastic surgeons. Drawing on years of specialist education, practice and intensive formative training, Dr Choy has helped countless patients rediscover their sense of self.

Beyond his accreditation and revered artistry, Dr Choy is driven by his passion for providing patients with positive, transformative outcomes. His attentiveness and emphasis on patient care allow him to empathise with each patient, acknowledging not merely your aesthetic needs and goals, but the motivations for your procedure and what it will bring to your life. Understanding the intimate nature of a breast reduction, Dr Choy focuses on creating a nurturing environment and takes the time to carefully consider your situation, before discussing with you the exact terms of your treatment.

Patients of Dr Choy have praised his technical mastery, as well as his ability to create a comfortable and exceptionally welcoming space. Dr Choy bases his procedural plan on a combination of details: he balances your aesthetic desires with the current quantity and quality of your tissue, and blends this with your individual body habits to determine the most appropriate surgical option for you. To read more about how Dr Choy has enriched the lives of his patients through breast reduction surgery, visit our RealSelf page.

Why Should I Consider A Breast Reduction?

Undergoing breast reduction surgery is a highly personal decision. Patients must take into account their financial situation, physical health and bodily habits. Many patients consider breast reduction surgery because of the pain, tension or strain caused by excess weight in the breasts. Sagging or droopiness in the area may cause back or neck pain, while pendulous breasts can also make it difficult to exercise and can result in chafing or skin irritation.

These issues can adversely affect your lifestyle: they can cause you to withdraw from social situations and can diminish your quality of life. If you are ready to take the first step to achieving a more proportionate figure and a happier, healthier lifestyle, call Dr Ellis Choy’s practice on 02 9158 6287 or fill out our enquiry form today.