What is the Difference Between a Medical and Cosmetic Breast Reduction?

breast reduction patientBreasts are an integral part of a feminine figure. Unfortunately, many women experience discomfort, physical strain and even embarrassment as a result of excessively large or heavy breasts. If left untreated, these emotional and physical concerns can have a negative impact on your quality of life. A breast reduction, or reduction mammoplasty, serves to correct these symptoms and restore balance and beauty to the breasts. Depending on your current condition and needs, you may be eligible for a medical breast reduction. However, if you are seeking to achieve a well-proportioned and aesthetically beautiful result, Dr Choy’s cosmetic breast reduction may be the most suitable treatment option for you.

What is Medical Breast Reduction Surgery?

A medical breast reduction is a surgical procedure performed to relieve symptoms caused by overly large breasts. Depending on your health fund provider, the associated costs may be covered by your insurance. Insurance policies can vary, however, so it is important to review your policy carefully to determine whether reduction mammoplasty is included in your coverage. If you are eligible for a medical reduction, pre-certification is required for reimbursement or coverage. Many insurers define breast reduction surgery as reconstructive, basing the procedure primarily on the amount of tissue to be removed and generally disregarding the aesthetic outcome. Does Medicare Cover breast Reduction? Medicare provides benefits for breast reduction surgery when it is medically necessary for your health. For instance, if you are experiencing adverse health effects, such as severe back and neck pain, skin infections or headaches due to macromastia or breast hypertrophy, you may be entitled to a medical breast reduction. Under Medicare’s policy, the condition must be present for at least six months and non-surgical medical interventions, including pain relievers, supportive garments or physical therapy, must be proven ineffective. You will also need to be referred by your GP to a local hospital for assessment, where doctors will determine whether the procedure is medically necessary. To learn more about whether you are eligible for a medical breast reduction, consult your health insurance provider.

What are the Drawbacks of a Medical Breast Reduction?

While a medical reduction mammoplasty can relieve symptoms such as back pain or skin irritation, this procedure often disregards the aesthetic outcome. When covered by a health insurance provider, breast reduction surgery focuses primarily on the removal of breast tissue, fat and excess skin, with little concern for reshaping and contouring the breasts. Beyond the lack of consideration for the aesthetic result, a medical breast reduction will most likely demand a long wait, which means symptoms can prolong for up to a year or more. While this procedure can remove excess weight from the breasts, patients are often left with a shapeless and dissatisfying result.

What is Cosmetic Breast Reduction Surgery?

At his established clinics in Sydney and Coffs Harbour, Dr Ellis Choy offers a comprehensive cosmetic breast reduction surgery. As an experienced surgeon, Dr Choy recognises the pain, discomfort and emotional uneasiness you may have already suffered due to large, heavy or pendulous breasts. He aims to not only free your body of excess weight, but to refine your breasts by contouring them in harmony with your unique figure.

In a consultation before your procedure, Dr Choy takes the time to understand your reasons for treatment and the cosmetic goals you wish to achieve. Based on your personal needs and concerns, Dr Choy will create a personalised treatment plan that takes into account your desired volume and aesthetic look. He performs breast reduction surgery by removing excess fat, skin and breast tissue and repositioning the remaining tissue to provide an aesthetically beautiful result. Dr Choy’s objective is to relieve your medical symptoms, freeing you from physical strain and discomfort, while simultaneously creating a shapelier and well-toned upper body – a goal that is generally overlooked in medical breast reduction surgery.

If you are concerned about the costs of a breast reduction, Dr Choy’s team will be happy to discuss financing options that can make your surgery a reality. To learn more about the costs involved and the options available to you, contact Dr Choy’s practice today.

Why Should I Consider a Cosmetic Breast Reduction?

Breast reduction surgery is a highly complex surgical procedure that can provide truly transformative results. This treatment helps to alleviate and significantly improve the symptoms associated with large breasts. If you are experiencing severe back or neck pain, or have suffered skin infections due to excess breast tissue, Dr Choy’s cosmetic reduction mammoplasty can not only relieve this pain and discomfort, but can also reshape the breasts to complement your body, increase your confidence and enhance your quality of life.

Dr Choy is a highly recognised specialist plastic and cosmetic surgeon. Beyond his extensive training and accreditation, he is passionate about providing beautiful aesthetic results that are tailored to the needs and body types of each patient. He recognises the adverse health effects of overly large breasts and aims to help you achieve a more proportionate figure and a happier and healthier lifestyle. Drawing on years of training and experience, Dr Choy has performed breast reduction surgery to help countless patients from all over Sydney and beyond rediscover their most beautiful and most confident self. If you would like to learn more about the benefits of breast reduction surgery or the associated costs, call Dr Ellis Choy’s practice on (02) 8692 9388 or complete an enquiry form.