What Is the Cost of MyEllevate in Sydney? (2024)


The delicate skin on our necks is often one of the first areas to show the passing of time. Our skin loses elasticity, the underlying muscles weaken and horizontal creases (sometimes called ‘tech neck’) deepen. If you are looking for a way to address these changes, you may have come across MyEllevate — a new procedure that can lift and smooth your neck and jawline without extensive surgery.

MyEllevate is gaining popularity as a less invasive, lower-downtime alternative to a neck lift. While the benefits of MyEllevate are compelling, there are many factors to consider before making a decision, including the costs involved in the procedure. Book in a consultation with Dr Choy to receive a personalised quote.  

What Factors Into the Cost of MyEllevate?

The price of MyEllevate in Sydney hinges on various elements that contribute to the overall financial commitment:

  • Surgeon’s Qualifications and Expertise: Your surgeon’s level of education, experience and training in the MyEllevate technique will influence the cost of your procedure. Highly skilled and reputable surgeons often command higher fees, but this investment can be worthwhile for the peace of mind it provides.
  • Location and Facility Fees: Choosing a specialist plastic surgeon located in a major city like Sydney can impact the price of cosmetic procedures. Additionally, fees for the use of a hospital or accredited surgical facility are higher than fees for a procedure done in your surgeon’s clinic.
  • Anaesthesia and Medical Team: The cost of anaesthesia and the medical team supporting your surgeon factor into the total expense. These costs can be lower with MyEllevate than a traditional neck lift, as fewer professionals are involved and local anaesthesia can be used.
  • Pre- and Post-Operative Care: Comprehensive care, including consultations, follow-up visits and any special postoperative garments, are additional factors to consider. Some of these costs may be included in the fee for your MyEllevate procedure. 

Beyond the primary procedure costs, potential additional expenses include post-surgical medications, additional procedures, and any unexpected follow-up treatments or revisions that may be necessary.

How Does MyEllevate Compare to a Neck Lift?

MyEllevate uses an innovative suture system to support the neck tissues without major incisions. During the MyEllevate procedure, which can be done under local anaesthesia, Dr Choy skilfully places these sutures through small puncture points and anchors them to lift and support the neck muscles, glands and skin. This creates a smoother, more contoured appearance that can last for several years with proper care and maintenance. 

In contrast, a traditional neck lift is a more invasive surgical procedure performed under general anaesthesia that involves excision of loose skin and tightening of the underlying muscles. Dr Choy makes incisions around the ears and under the chin to access the neck muscles and remove excess skin. While a neck lift can provide more significant results, it involves a longer recovery time and may result in more visible scarring than MyEllevate.

These distinctions lead to cost differences between MyEllevate and a neck lift. MyEllevate is generally more affordable than a full neck lift because it can be done in-room with local anaesthesia. Procedures performed in a hospital setting with general anaesthesia and an anaesthetist present are typically more expensive.


How Does MyEllevate Compare to Other Procedures?

Aesthetic medicine offers many options for those looking to enhance their neck and jawline. In addition to MyEllevate and neck lift surgery, Dr Choy and his team perform the following:


While MyEllevate focuses on lifting skin and muscle, liposculpture removes fat to create more defined contours. Liposuction can target localised fat deposits underneath the chin and along the jawline. The appropriate procedure for you depends on whether fat or skin laxity is your primary concern, or whether you wish to target both.

Profound RF Microneedling

Profound is a radiofrequency (RF) microneedling treatment that stimulates collagen production to improve skin texture, tone and laxity. It can have a tightening and smoothing effect on the neck. However, it does not directly address the underlying muscle laxity, and the results are typically less significant and durable than the results of MyEllevate. 

Secret RF Microneedling

Secret is another radiofrequency microneedling treatment. Like Profound, it addresses skin-related concerns and does not target the underlying neck muscle laxity. Secret is typically a more comfortable treatment than Profound with less downtime and more sessions required. Profound is a deeper treatment that may involve more discomfort and downtime, but fewer total sessions.

Does Medicare or Private Health Insurance Cover MyEllevate in Australia?

MyEllevate is strictly a cosmetic procedure. As such, it is not covered by Medicare or private health insurance. When budgeting for your MyEllevate procedure, remember that you will be responsible for the entirety of the cost and plan accordingly.


The Final Tally: What Is the Cost of MyEllevate in Sydney?

On average, the cost of MyEllevate in Sydney ranges from $13,000 to $17,000. This is a general estimate. The exact price will depend on the factors discussed above and whether any other procedures are included. 

For comparison, a surgical neck lift is likely to fall in the $20,000 to $25,000 range. Neck liposuction ranges from $6,000 to $8,000, and RF microneedling falls between $4,000 and $6,000. 

To obtain a personalised quote, schedule a consultation with a qualified specialist plastic surgeon like Dr Choy who can evaluate your needs and create a custom treatment plan. You will receive a detailed breakdown of the costs involved, including the surgeon’s fee, facility fees, anaesthesia fees and any additional expenses.

Meet With Dr Ellis Choy to Discuss Your MyEllevate Procedure

If you are considering MyEllevate, we invite you to schedule a consultation with Dr Ellis Choy, an experienced specialist plastic surgeon in Sydney. Dr Choy was one of the first surgeons in Australia to be trained in the MyEllevate technique. His expertise in the field ensures that each patient receives personalised care that prioritises their preferences and safety. 

At your consultation, Dr Choy will discuss every aspect of the MyEllevate procedure, including the possible results, the recovery timeline and the total cost. He will guide you through the process with the detailed attention that your unique case deserves.

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