What Is the Best Age to Have Breast Reduction Surgery?

For both younger and older women, breasts that are sagging or overly large can make daily activities painful and uncomfortable. This issue affects women of all ages and stages of life, and breast reduction surgery continues to be a popular solution.
We recommend that patients are at least 18 years old before pursuing breast ...
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Am I Too Old for Post-Pregnancy Body Contouring Surgery?

From enlarged or deflated breasts to separated abdominal muscles and fat accumulation, the female body can go through many changes during and after pregnancy.
Post-pregnancy body contouring combines different treatments to address multiple areas of the body that have been affected by pregnancy or childbirth. Sydney Specialist Plastic Surgeon Dr Ellis Choy personalises each procedure ...
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Breast implant removal: What are my options after my old implant is explanted?

While the lifespan of breast implants may be years, there is no medical device that is designed to have an indefinite lifespan. Regular check-ups are always recommended to ensure continued patient safety after their augmentation surgery.
Patients who experience no issues with their implants, maintain good health and remain happy with the look and feel ...
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What is the Difference Between a Medical and Cosmetic Breast Reduction?

Many women experience discomfort, physical strain and activity limitations as a result of excessively large or heavy breasts. A breast reduction, or reduction mammoplasty, serves to alleviate these symptoms and restore a more proportionate look and feel to the breasts.
Depending on your current condition and needs, you may be eligible for a medical breast ...
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What Is the Cost of Breast Reduction in Sydney?

Many women experience discomfort because of large, droopy breasts, which may cause strain, pain or difficulty engaging in physical activity. Breast reduction surgery seeks to correct these symptoms.
Specialist plastic surgeon Dr Ellis Choy invites you to his warm, welcoming clinic to discuss your concerns. Along with his team of dedicated providers, Dr Choy strives ...
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What Is a Body Lift Surgery?

Poor eating habits, lack of regular exercise, genetics, and pregnancy are a few factors that can change the shape of your body. While diet and exercise are critical for a healthy lifestyle, they may not get rid of loose skin and residual body fat. Body lift surgery is meant to address these issues.

Is ...
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Breastfeeding With Implants: Is It Really Safe?

The popularity of breast implants has grown over the last 20 years with an increasing number of women undergoing the procedure. In Australia, around 8,000 women receive breast implants per year and almost 75% cite cosmetic reasons for doing so.

Breast augmentation has indeed become one of the most common cosmetic procedures worldwide. Since ...
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Round vs Teardrop Implants – What’s Right for You?

Will round or teardrop breast implants give you more natural-looking results? What about the feel?
Choosing the implants for your breast augmentation procedure is a big decision and a question that ultimately depends on your individual preferences, as well as the characteristics of the breasts you have right now.
Fortunately, this isn’t a decision you ...
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Should Breast Implants Be Placed ‘Under or Over’ the Muscle?

Every woman’s body is different. When it comes to breast augmentation, your body and your preferences will determine the specifics of how your procedure should be done. One of the most critical questions to answer with breast augmentation is where the breast implants should be placed – either under or over the pectoralis muscles in ...
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Breast augmentation videos – 3 Key Considerations

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